A federal complaint against the city and the officers charged with ‘the excessive use of unjustified, unreasonable, unlawful, and lethal use of force’ was brought Wednesday against the family of George Floyd, a man whose death in police custody led to widespread demonstrations against institutional racism.

In his 40-page civil case filed with the Minnesota county, lawyer Benjamin Crump, representing Floyd’s children and family, said he was about to begin a “critical debate” on the “pandemic of police brutality.”

A number of violent arrests by the Minneapolis Police Department over the years were reported in the civil lawsuits, alleging that city officials were ignored when police wrongs took place.

“It was George Floyd’s neck that killed his knee of the entire Minneapolis police force,” said Krump to Minneapolis reporters.

The town of Minneapolis has a tradition of policies and practices and has deliberate indifference to the care of the inmates, in particular the Black people.

During the case, the plaintiffs did not specify a sum of money. Yet Trump said that the total amount was necessary to “defend” police “in the future, to destroy the poor and the black people in the Americas.”

Floyd died the 25 of May after the police officers had handcuffed him and asked for a potential phoned bill of $20.

A videotape was taken of Officer Derek Chauvin, lying of his handcuffed neck for more than 8 minutes, even though the man was crying with pain, repeatedly calling out to his late mother, saying, ‘I can’t breathe.’

According to the criminal complaint, “Mr. Floyd did not resist violently detention.” “Mr. Floyd had no weapons, did not attack or try to escape at any time, physically or verbally.”

The second-grade murder of Chauvin was charged. Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J were also the fatal officials involved. Both arrested and charged with aiding and facilitating the murder of Alexander Küng.

Mr. Floyd was experiencing deliberate grief and pain as a result of Chauvin, Lane, and Kueng’s unjustified, undue, and unlawful and deadly use of force. “For the unjustified, excessive, unlawful, and deadly use of force by Chauvin, Lane, and Kueng, Mr. Floyd died.”

Family pathologists said Floyd twisted Floyd’s neck and body and shut off blood and airflow into the brain which caused mechanical asphyxia to die.

City Attorney Erik Nilsson said in his statement, “George Floyd’s death is a tragedy,” following the filing of the lawsuit.

“The city investigates his family’s civil case and will respond. Four Minneapolis Police officers are being investigated for misconduct and it is very necessary to continue without intervention in the criminal proceedings.

Chauvin ‘s lawyer Eric Nelson, and Kueng ‘s lawyer Thomas Plunkett also declined comment. On Wednesday, e-mails and telephone messages were not returned sought for Thao and Lane feedback.


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