Retargeting campaigns also cost less to advertisers (with lower CPCs), and sell more, making them the ultimate win-win scenario. Considering that consumers are more likely to connect with ads from brands they know and trust, this is a win-win-win scenario.

All of these seven retargeting strategies are excellent ways to communicate with users at various funnel points, so check them out and see what works best for your company.

Well, first you need to read this post! 😉

I’m a huge fan of The Office and I’ve seen at least half a dozen episodes of each. There are lots of great scenes, but one that always sticks to me is the scene where Michael tries to prove how much business knowledge he has, and Ryan asks him if signing a new customer is cheaper or keeping an existing customer relationship going. Michael answers a new customer immediately but the response is the opposite.

Each time I see this scene, I think of how many businesses might use the reminder when it comes to marketing. Yeah, it’s absolutely important to attract new users to cold markets, as you need to bring new customers in to thrive and expand churn rates. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly true that you do need to communicate with the audience you need to lower turnover rates, so it’s both cheaper and easier to sustain consumer relationships rather than trying to go out and find one. This may require the setting up of complex sales funnels, but these seven easy Facebook Ad retargeting strategies can also be used to build those relationships and quickly get conversions.


I have done my fair share of online dating, as a Millennial. And I can tell you one thing that turned me off from a lot of guys right away was when they were too fast to jump into things. I didn’t have one, not two, not three, but four separate adult men were asking me to mark “the relationship” before our first lukewarm coffee date was over.

I wish I had been joking.

These guys had no calm and they never had the definition of “slow and steady.” Don’t make the same mistake with your Facebook Ads, particularly when you’re creating a cold audience burner. After all, it is called a funnel for a reason.

Note instead that the race (and the client!) still wins slow and steady.

Ease your relationship with customers.

Start with a brand awareness ad which is meant simply to introduce you to your audience. Certainly, some will automatically click and convert but there’s a fair chance that others won’t. That’s ok though- you can run a retargeting campaign that shows your ad to users who have saved your previous ad or engaged in it. At this stage, you should focus a little more heavily on conversions or lead generation. A great way to do that is to use a video ad for your first ad, as it gives you a great medium for telling the story of your brand. Then create a user-friendly audience that watched at least half of your video (indicating strong interest). You can find this by clicking on “Engagement” when building a custom audience, and then select “Video.” And then hit them with a retargeting ad.


What’s the last thing you’ve been so tempted to buy, but just decided to go ahead and buy right now, given just, really?

I think we’ve all been there, whether it’s a new (guilty) pair of shoes, a new (also guilty) cooking appliance, or a video game (not guilty, at last). Maybe we are just trying to stick to a budget and maybe at first, we can resist the item. But then it’s popping up in our Facebook feed, and it feels like fate, and it’s just a bit too tempting, and we are converting.

So I got both my pasta maker and my first pair of boots. No regrets on that.

When customers have visited your website’s various product pages, this indicates strong interest and buying intent. This is, after all, very unusual to see a large number of users end up on a product page because they don’t want to purchase anything similar.

Using creative advertisements and unique audiences from a website to baffle the proverbial apple on Facebook in front of the customer is a perfect way to hold you at the forefront of their mind. For marketing, you may use different tools like Facebook commerce Manager, etc.

It can help you get the conversion, and as a bonus, in the process, it can even steal a sale from your competition. 😎

To make this strategy more effective, target users visiting specific pages but excluding those who have bought. You can do so by removing users who have “visited” the order confirmation page. Remember that you do not exclude users just to show a cart because this is an excellent opportunity to attract abandoned cart users, which is a massive source of untapped revenue for almost all businesses.


We’ve all been getting an email from an ex so far out of the blue that it feels a bit jarring. Luckily, it doesn’t bring the same influence to the corporate world. It is one place where follow-up months or years after a relationship seems to have run its course isn’t crazy creepy. With re-engagement initiatives, there is much scope for customer growth. Both businesses have customers that appear to have fallen off, but in fact, they are always waiting in the wings, ready for you to whisk them back into the fold. It is up to you to do exactly that. Retargeting strategies that are specifically designed to communicate with users who have not bought from you or connected with your site within a given time is the way to go with this particular strategy.

How long will rely on the audience and business; as soon as three months after the last purchase, and as long as one year, I’ve seen retargeting campaigns in this category. However long you decide, you can import from your email list a custom group of users who have not recently participated in or opened your emails. It is information that can be provided to you by many CRMs and email service providers so you can use it to your advantage. A pretty big headline, “We miss you!” This strategy can be extremely successful, particularly if you combine it with a tempting offer that is good enough to restore disengaged users to enthusiastic customers (or even customers). Content can play a major role in increasing your marketing if u want evergreen content marketing.


Some retargeting campaigns will involve specific funnels which include offers based on specific entry touchpoints or features of the audience. However, there may also be some evergreen retargeting campaigns for large businesses. Dynamic marketing campaigns are a perfect example of this kind of evergreen campaign that you can keep on running as long as the results are good and the campaign’s benefit.

Here’s why: some of these evergreen ads are designed to be a wide-ranging draw, and will continue to be displayed to users who connect at some funnel level.

Because of this, different actions will activate the ad campaigns, and they will still feel important to the new user, even though the same campaign has been running for some time. This applies in particular to dynamic ad campaigns, which by their very nature will feel exceptionally personalized to the user although it is nothing more than an auto-generated template. While you can leave unique dynamic ad retargeting campaigns to some degree on autopilot, you still need to track them closely at all times. Things can change in the blink of an eye, so while you’re not supposed to fix something that isn’t broken, you should also be carefully watching to make sure it doesn’t break when you don’t look, so to speak.


There may be several reasons for this if customers have added something to their cart and then left without converting. It is also likely they have forgotten. You would also want to check out other products, or see what the full cost will be, including shipping and packaging before purchasing. Often, though, there’s a little more of a sly answer: others are considering but would prefer to wait and see if you’re going to submit a coupon code your way. If I said I didn’t do this once for the new mixer I wanted from Williams-Sonoma, I would be lying. Whatever the reason, abandoned cart shoppers are potential high-intense customers and you don’t want to let them pass you by.

Currently, the global cart abandonment rate is around 75 percent; imagine if you could even get a third of them to go ahead and convert. As long as you have a “view cart” option on your site, this is an easy-to-establish custom audience. Add an introductory offer to these ads, either with a 15-20 percent heavy discount or a free shipping offer. This can convince users to buy for the first time and help drive conversions you’d otherwise lost.

Retargeting can deliver higher ad engagement, brand ad lift, and awareness, clicking through rates, and conversions, all at a lower CPC than most cold audience targeting campaigns. This is an incredible opportunity for brands to focus more time on instead of trying to create ad campaigns exclusively for cold audiences.


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