Wassup cinephiles! so I just finished binge watching this new suspense trailer series it’s called into the night it’s the first ever Belgian Netflix series and it’s created by Jason George it has over six episodes a 40-minutespeech and I just finished everything in one sitting I guess that’s an indicative of how highly watchable this series is I’m gonna do a non-spoilery review and then explain what really happened towards the end of season. Some of the characters are as good as game of thrones bastard names.

One and then maybe speculate what will happen in the possible season two so basically my spoiler thoughts but I’m gonna drop warning along the way so for now you’re safe first let’s start off with the premise of this series this one basically belongs to the post-apocalyptic sub-genre so if you like movies like bird box, cargo TV showslike with Walking Dead Kingdom. you’re gonna like this one as well in this case the Sun which is considered as the primary source of nourishment of mankind has now turned into this ultimate threat. 

So whether you’re inside the house or not as long as you’re in daylight weather morning or afternoon you’re gonna drop down and this series really gets into the heart of the action right away there’s this Italian ex-military he hijacks this plane in the Brussels Airport. which is supposed to be heading to Moscow he tells everyone on the plane that they really have to go and if they’re still on that place by morning they are all going to die so everyone seems to be skeptical at first but when they start to realize what happened through their smartphones. 

It’s game on they have to essentially beat the rotation of the earth which is crazy because I don’t know how they’re gonna do it my geography is not that good especially. when it comes to Europe or the western part so I’m not sure if the time those are making sense. but for me I just went along and enjoyed it all the characters inside the plane they’re racially diverse they have different religious beliefs moral stance as different occupations. 

So I guess this is already nothing new when it comes to survival films renders a group of strangers collectively trying to help each other using their various kill sets and with that also there’s gonna be drama there’s gonna be power struggle. there’s also going to be lack of resources fuel the food there are a lot of anxiety inducing moments in this show it really gets into the thought of being stuck on a plane for an indefinite number of ours or maybe even days it’s already terrifying for me and you know you’re not even allowed to grieve. because the loved ones that you’ve left behind are now presumably dead and they just have to kick in to their senses and act quick or else they’re gonna die as well they’re not even allowed to get a hang of their jetlag there’s gonna be a lot of conflict and the show really thrives on throwing these worst-case scenarios of what’s going to happen. Related- game of thrones fantasy football names

There’s an element of suspense and tension and rhythm introduced in Episode one and it successfully sustains it up to Episode six that’s why this series is very watchable. I’m not going to say it’s well-written because they’re gonna touch on some scientific stuff here which some of it I don’t entirely buy but just in the level of suspense and trailer it will really get into you half of the time the set is shot inside the plane but the directors have found a way to make everything look familiar yet not repetitive each episode is named after a character and at the beginning moments we get to have a glimpse of their lives before they boarded on that plane it just adds insight of who they were. 

But eventually one character says here that you’re not gonna be defined of who you were so those main characters undergo through development though not as significant as you get back on a drama level because the main priority of this show is to deliver these suspense and thrills the closest lead protagonists here. we have Sylvie so she’s a depressed woman who’s having suicidal thoughts after the death of her husband there’s a really nice arc for her character here she’s this person on the verge of losing herself but she eventually finds a purpose as she tries to help other persons reacting among the cast is also good my favorite character which might be a controversial. 

One is Terenzio this character is initially introduced as a hero because of his actions to save everyone on board but his actions after that becomes more questionable and besides there’s something in this actor in his eyes that makes you wanna know more him I think he’s the most interesting car. after hear these characters are great characters because that’s what people are in real life especially when confronted with this crisis there’s no simply black and white so I think the show nails that it’s a country of nature versus nurture where you’re trying to keep your self-serving interest. 

But at the same time you want to help as much people as you can so those facets of morality are explored here. I’m not going to say that into the knife is a well-written show primarily because the scientific concepts introduced here are not as fully big asI wanted them to be though I can’t really judge for now because season 2has I feel like a lot more in store but what I can say is this show is well directed and well edited each episode ends on a cliff hanger and with just six episodes.

It doesn’t really feel obligatory it keeps you hooked I definitely want a season two though I’m not sure on the route of this show is going to I don’t want them to stretch this premise. I want them to dig deeper to show us more on the sci-fi stuff here because they’re going to go on the path of the Walking Dead and just accept the world as it is I don’t think I’m going to be as interested. as I can show us like the walking that have already explored too much on the moral complexities of having a post-apocalyptic world.

So I want the show to stick to its sci-fi roots and offer more light and what’s really happening behind this phenomenon this series is highly watchable I was rooting for the characters even the unlikable ones so I guess that’s a good thing for now. I’m gonna give this series a 4 out of 5 stars alright now I’m heading to my spoiler review and I’m gonna try to explain what happened in season 1 starting off with our working premise that the Sun kills everything that it shines true but later  on we learned that even those who are inside bunkers also died so this is not a question of sunlight it’s a matter of radiation as confirmed by one of the climate researchers. 

But in the end all the surviving characters found themselves inside the bunker so what’s so special in this bunker? if you don’t remember this bunker is located well deep into a water reservoir so my guess  is the water blocks rejection. so that’s my first theory for the reason of their survival and also if you’re gonna remember there’s a rat hidden inside the backpack which apparently survives so if all living organisms die how come the that rat survive. 

If you remember the climate researcher says that the gamma rays that’s being emitted from the solid find a way to distort the molecular distribution of the atoms so organic food like apples and oranges they taste blood fuel goes bad immediately but those food inside the canned goods are still good. so my guess is that rat is probably stuck inside a pant and that’s the reason why he survived cans are mostly made of aluminum right so that’s my hunch water and aluminum can spread themselves from this doomsday also I happen to know that the novel where this series is based on it’s a Polish novel the old axolotl or something like that the premise of that novel is that set on a cyberpunk this topic world where the robots had now left the earth the survivors of the catastrophe have now digitally uploaded their consciousness into the robots so I’m notsure if the stuff at where the series is heading into but that suddenly seems tobe more interesting for me my hopes for this series is for them not to stretch that premise and really explore on other ways because given that source material I think they have something really more to work on and I’m excited of what to come this ends my spoiler a non-spoilery.


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