For the past few years, my favorite bars in San Francisco have remained the happy hour bars of Pleasanton. Pleasanton’s most favorite bar is called the Bites, which happens to be owned and operated by a man named Jerry. He has a little shop off of the main drag, making it the perfect place to pick up bite-size sandwiches for a quick mid-afternoon snack.

Jerry is a bit of a loose canon for the bar scene in San Francisco. His bar is a little bit more laid back than other bars in Pleasanton, but he’s still a bit of a party guy. The main reason he keeps his own business so long is because he’s busy with the construction of his new bar that is still under construction. If it was completed, his bar would have to be demolished, and his shop would have to be converted into a new business.

Jerry is a bit of an anomaly. Most are so much more serious about their business that they don’t like the idea of a bar. Jerry has the attitude of a serious businessman and is very serious about the way he runs his bar. He doesn’t really care about the party as much as he cares about the bar.

You can also say that he and other party-lovers are obsessed with the party and the party is also obsessed with the party. They love having one party and the other. The party is not about a party.

A few years back Jerry’s bar was the top of the list for having the most party-related activity. It was actually the most significant activity in the game, and Jerry was more than happy to get it. The bar has a very large bar, and it has a few VIP bars. In other news, the party is a long way from a bar to a bar.

The party is more of a place where people go because they want to take drugs or drink, or hang out, or play with other people. That’s why it’s called a party, because it’s fun, and it’s not about beer or drugs. It’s about having fun. If you think about it, a bar is more like a place where people go to have a beer, get drunk, maybe get a good buzz, and then go home.

Not a whole lot of people like to have a bar for that reason, and its not really a place where people go to just hang out. A bar is just a place where people go to drink, and get drunk, and then go home.

It’s good that everyone in the party goes out and plays with other people in the party. If you want to, you can have the party’s owner do some other thing. I’ve seen a lot of people take drugs and drink in the club at the same time, but there’s no reason to like to have a party as much as to have one.

I’m an optimist, and I like things to be good. But I also like people to do their own thing. I’m sure there are a great many people out there that go out to get wasted in the club during a party. But if you want to have people from the party do something else, it should be something meaningful.

I hate when people come out with this “if you don’t do something, then you’re being a bad person” crap. There is nothing wrong with being a bad person. But if there is something wrong with that then I’m sure it would be worth it to do something other than going out drinking.


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