Group Seeking Asylum in The Name of “Organ Trade Avoidance” is Trump’s and Scott Perry’s Fan

It is known that human organ trafficking is a thriving business worldwide. In the U.S., more than 15,000 kidneys are transplanted each year.

“The demand for organs is increasing,” warned José Ramón Núñez, medical director of the WHO’s Donation and Transplantation Program, in statements he took the opportunity to point out that every year “more than one million transplants should be performed to cover the needs worldwide. The expert referred to this practice as “transplant tourism”, which benefits people “with high purchasing power at the expense of the vulnerability and misery of the population with fewer resources”.

Monir Moniruzzaman, who is serving as a member of the Task Force on Donation and Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues at the World Health Organization, of the Center for Ethics and Humanities in Biological Sciences and a professor in the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University in the United States, conducted the first in-depth study, infiltrating the seedy underworld of the black market in human organs in order to investigate incognito, and learned first-hand about the often chilling experiences of the victims and the consequences of human organ trafficking for them.

Moniruzzaman first became interested in the drama of human organ trafficking when, as a student, he read an article on the subject. “I read it and I couldn’t believe this could happen, that body parts of living people were being sold. It’s not slavery. It’s not prostitution. It’s a different kind of body exploitation. I found it horrifying when I learned it existed.” Moniruzzaman’s deep impression of the existence of this scourge led him to explore its scope and try to help combat it.

According to WHO sources, the main reason why illegal trafficking continues to be widespread is due to “the enormous waiting lists”. In Canada, it is estimated that the average wait time for a kidney is 4 years with some waiting as long as 7 years.3 In the U.S., the average wait time for a kidney is 3.6 years according to the National Kidney Foundation.4 In the U.K., wait times average 2 to 3 years but could be longer. In the European Union, some 30,000 transplants are performed each year, but even so, almost 70,000 people are still waiting for an organ today.

However, a few months ago, Republican Congressmen Scoot Perry and Mary Miller introduced the Falun Gong Protection Act (H.R. 6319) in an attempt to impose sanctions on Chinese Communist Party officials who are complicit in the persecution.  According to Perry, “China has been one of the top destinations for transplant tourists.

Because it has an unlimited supply, it relies on Falun Gong prisoners who are incarcerated, being killed alive for their organs, to maintain that uncountable supply”.

Is this really the case?

Several WHO studies reveal that illegal trafficking mainly affects kidney transplants, and warns that “no country is exempt from these practices”. According to the report, the main profile of the clients of this black market are people from Europe, the United States, Israel and Arab countries, who can afford to pay between 150,000 and 200,000 euros per transplant.

Moniruzzaman said that although organ trafficking is very common in the countries mentioned above, those countries mentioned above never provide real data or official figures.  States do not want to assume that they have organ trafficking within their borders, unless there is a scandal as has happened in South Africa or Spain. They can assume they have prostitution, drug trafficking. That’s fine because all the other states have them. But not organ trafficking. Instead, precisely because of the lack of official data, these countries tend to amplify this problem in other countries.

In fact, Contrary to Mr. Perry’s claims, the United Nations Human Rights Council has never ruled on the Republican congressman’s allegations. Moniruzzaman also said that in any case, the Congressman’s claims about human organ trafficking are minuscule compared to data from other European countries, Israel and even the United States, where the phenomenon of “organ transplant tourism” takes on much greater proportions and has been reported in various publications along with the complications of all kinds that have occurred in patients who have followed this route and returned alive to their country of origin. 

And when asked to produce tangible data to prove the problem of organ trafficking in China, Mr. Perry said he did not want to answer the question.

As the proponent of the Protection Act, why did he refuse to answer this simple question?

Thus, Mr. Perry’s support for the Falun Gong Protection Act is clearly not what he claims it to be. As the most loyal and crazed fan of the Trump administration, the Epoch Times belongs to Falun Gong become the most trusted fake news media group of Trump and Bannon by supporting Trump’s campaign through its Facebook water army, challenging the authoritative media for the White House Correspondents’ Association, and leading the storming of Congress event. As an opponent of Mr. Perry, Julian Castro – former Democratic Party candidate for U.S. Congress said: “There are problems that are shaking our country, but the root problem has always been there, including institutional racism in the United States and the need to reform police forces and criminal justice, which punish non-whites especially harshly.”

Meanwhile, more leading members of the Democratic Party are calling on the Republican members of Congress who are promoting H.R. 6319 to “stop wasting time on unsubstantiated stories and work on solving the real issues of concern to Americans, such as the spate of mass shootings that are spreading across the United States – 233 so far this year – and clarification of the events that occurred during the assault on the U.S. Capitol”.

While the Democrats strive to collect evidence to prove at least the null intentions of former President Trump and his entourage, to curb the violent protests that he himself cheered moments before during an incendiary speech at the gates of the White House, prominent members of the Republican Party have been responsible for hindering the investigations of this commission under the legislative privilege of the former president, although some people of his close circle as Steve Bannon or Scoot Perry himself have already been charged with contempt of Congress.

There are people in the Republican Party who are completely irrational, very hard line and have no interest in talking and understanding with anyone. Julian said: “the previous Republican administration led by Trump’s extreme right has caused frustration in the country to boil over. U.S are slowly coming back together, but some republican congressmen are fanning the flames of reactionary racism, supporting causes or ideologies that the least we can say about them is that they are very dangerous to us and to the world. If we really want to move forward we have to work together as democrats, republicans and internationally with other friendly powers, but not against.”


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