Write for us

We respect content that brings our audience interest, is user-centric and high quality. We strongly believe that so many advertising strategies and successes are opened to all by a well-made content part. We are happy to post it on our site if you will write on subjects that share with our community.

Our followers are respected by us. You can read informative, compelling, important and high-quality blog posts which provide insights on how our community can gain technologies and processes. Another favorite subject is the usage of our website and the goods from entrepreneurs, governments, e – commerce owners as well as other investors.

What are we seeking?

We hope that you compose original and professional blog posts that are important to our community. To order to insure your guest posts move through our editorial team, you need to consider some basic information when creating the content:

  1. Duration minimum: 2000 lines
  2. To share the work, use Google Docs.
  3. The font will be matched to Arial 12pt
  4. All proof will be connected to a relevant and reliable source
  5. Links to your brand: two to three links that do not follow your articles of brand / product.
  6. Our three-stage method to sell, approve and publish guest submissions is built to help you generate insight that brings value to the user.

When you write

When the content and layout are accepted, the post will start writing. Recall the following statements while you’re here:

  1. This will be original, special and beneficial to our public
  2. It can not already be published on any of the website
  3. Do not forget to credit the original poster for a quote or reference on a third-party website
  4. Note that the acceptable duration of the post is 2000 words
  5. Using methods of narration to catch readers ‘ attention
  6. Use grammar and orthography to remove errors in language

When you are done

Go on to make sure all the things listed in the table of contents are covered by you. Your organics should be 30 pages in length and can have a single connection to your brand. If you like, a Twitter handle of your choosing may be added. Place all photos in a folder and add them to your inbox as a text document if your post includes pictures.

Our publication queue is normally a bit busy, so that our editorial cycle may take around 7-10 days for your post. We claim the right throughout the review to make transparent and understandable adjustments to the text. Similarly, to add value to our audiences, we can add or remove international and domestic links. We agree that it is a worthwhile friendship that the concept to write guest posts on our blog is. We reserve the right to change all posts produced Just to acquire the connection and give our followers little interest.