So, bearded man, what have you decided to do with your facial hair in hot summer weather? Have you decided to shave it off completely? If your answer is 100% yes, then you should need to think again as the beard game is not a joke at all. Beard makes the man’s personality immense. Most people who think that beards are a no-no in summers are in the biggest trap or no knowledge of how to tame their beards in this weather. However, your beard defines your personality; It is mainly up to you to maintain your beard with care. 

Beards protect your skin from various elements throughout all year. During the hot season, beard hair act as a shield to protect your skin from the harmful Ultra Violet rays, which are harmful to your skin.

You can choose from some shorter beard trendy styles that suit your face and get your beard trimmed according to it. As no surprise that facial hair tends to get smellier during summers as more pollution and dirt are captured in it when compared to cold weather. Don’t worry, by changing your beard care routine; you can take advantage that facial hair maintains a soft, smoother, and luscious beard.

  • Wash your beard daily. Don’t use regular hair shampoo on your beard as the scalp and facial hair have differences in skin type. Always use beard wash or shampoo made explicitly for beards as beard hair is androgenic, which means it can’t be cleaned with hair shampoo or soap. 
  • Switch to a Beard Oil Pakistan that is cool, refreshing, smell good, and best suited to warm weather. The Beard Oil Price in Karachi is quite reasonable according to performance, as it could be a perfect choice for all beard lovers. As you will be surprised by the results, you get. While it will not only grow your beard but also provided a different scent and keep your beard well-nourished, moisturized, and itch-free in the summer days.
  • You must comb your beard hair the same as you do with your hair in order to detangle them. Comb ensure smooth blood flow in your skin, which is necessary to grow your beard. It will keep your beard well-groomed but also make you look good.


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