Every student faces a decrease in motivation when it comes to studying. With all the classes, projects, extra-curricular activities, it is becoming hard to study when you get even a little bit of free time. You know that the little time you get away from classes and projects is right to get a bit of independent study in.

But TV or social media or our lack of motivation can make us avoid studying like a plaque. Even if it is something that you don’t want, distractions can make it hard for you to concentrate on your studies.

But with exams coming and all the project deadlines, not working is not an option. You have to motivate yourself to work hard and study harder. How? Well, these simple tips should do the trick.

1. Figure out the reason of your procrastinating

When you are procrastinating about not doing your homework, there is usually a reason. If you figure that reason out, you can make a better plan to get over it and start studying. There are many reasons for you to procrastinate, like:

  • Convincing yourself that the work or studies are beyond your abilities
  • Not wanting to study as you are rebelling
  • You feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do or study.

These reasons are all valid and normal with teenagers. Figuring out which is stopping you can help you use the right method to fix it.

2. Set goals

Having a SMART goal works even for your studies; it is not only an office thing. For instance, if you are studying for upcoming exams, set a goal which is:

  • Specific: Like completing one chapter
  • Measurable: Set up a test to measure whether you can achieve your goals or not
  • Achievable: Set goals that you can achieve for both long and short term.
  • Realistic: Keeping the goals realistic is important. For instance, setting a goal to complete a whole dissertation in one day will overwhelm you, and you may leave it.
  • Time: Set time for each goal, one hour for half chapter or so on will hold you accountable.

3. Create a schedule

Use the Canva planner to create a study schedule for yourself. This way, you can give yourself time to accomplish all projects, study, and meet deadlines on time. Also, it allows you to take tiny breaks in between, which is necessary.

 4. Break down the big stuff

If there is a chapter which is 20 pages long, you don’t have to study or make notes out of it in one hour. Break it down into 2-4 pages per hour with a little break in between. If you have time, give yourself two days to finish that chapter, while doing other assignments during your study time. Studying challenging subjects without taking a break can lead to procrastination and more.

 5. Have a dedicated space to study

Studying on the dining table or your bed is not ideal. Make sure you have a small desk-chair set up in your room or so. It will keep you organized, and you can perk the place up to make it fun. It will certainly help you study well when the environment of your study desk is perkier. So, try adding a plant or a motivational poster that you can create using Canva.

6. Listen to music

Music works for everything it fills you up with energy when we are trying to work out or jog. In the same way, listening to music when you are studying or completing homework can work. It may not work for all, as some may mind the continuous drumming a bit distracting.

 7. Treat yourself

In today’s work, studies and schools are probably the hardest things to do. It is so competitive out there, and you should reward yourself for a task well done. So, every time you complete a task, treat yourself by eating a favourite snack or watching TV for a while or reading a non-school related book.

 8. Try to make boring things interesting

There are many chapters or subjects that you may find boring. When this happens, studying them becomes a bit difficult as you cannot focus on it. But it happens only because your mind finds it dull. Therefore, figure out a way to make it interesting, take help from YouTube or make infographics out of it, or teach an empty class to make it intriguing and meek to learn.

9. Have a study partner

Some students tend to study better with a partner. So, ask your friend to become your study partner. You can quiz each other about the test, even virtually or you can sit together and complete projects. Having a study partner keeps you accountable and you don’t bail on your studies.

These few tips will help you organize your thoughts, mind, and time. When you do that, studying any subject won’t be that hard.


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