If you asked a kid what is the favorite thing in their life then they will instantly tell you watching cartoons. It is the one thing, which they will never say no. Moreover, they can spend a whole day just by watching cartoon shows. Now a day, kids enjoy watching cartoons on mobile phones or in the laptops rather than in the TV. However, those kids do not have laptops they watch it on the TV. 

However, if you do not know what is best place to watch cartoon then you can simply search on internet, you will find many places to watch cartoon shows. In online platforms, the cartoons shows are very much available just like the TV. Nevertheless, for watching cartoons on TV, you have to wait for that particular time when the show comes on the channel. In the online platform, there it will available all the time. Anybody can watch it anytime.

Thus, one will able to see all his or her favorite cartoons shows on mobile phones or laptops easily. Some of the online platforms change some money and some are accessible absolutely in free. The HD screen quality helps you to enjoy the shows fully. Even the kids will love to see it. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Cartoons

Everything has some of the good side and some of the negative sides. Thus, watching cartoons carry few advantages and disadvantages as well. Let us see some of the good and bad sides of watching cartoons for your kids. 


Few advantages of watching cartoons are for you all to know.

1. Learn morals

Through cartoon shows, the kids can learn morals and can apply them in their life too. Therefore, try to offer them more and more, only those cartoons shows that at the end teach your kids some moral subjects. The more you will offer them good cartoons shows the more they will learn good things in their life. Morals are very important things to learn in life. 

2. Increase creativity 

To increase the creativity level of the kid’s mind, you can let them to watch cartoon shows. This creativity level helps them to create something new in their educational life as well as in their real life. They will do all their works creatively. Hence, to build the creativity level offer them best cartoon shows. 

3. Offer imaginative power

Even with the help of the cartoon shows, a kid can build his or her imaginative power. We all know more or less. Everything in a cartoon show is unreal or imaginative. If a kid watches those imaginative, shows then it eventually increase their imaginative will power as well. 


Some of the disadvantages of watching cartoon shows are.

1. Encourage violence

Sometimes, watching cartoons online can lead them toward to do violence. Specially shows which are based on aggression and fight scenes. 

2. Build rudely behavior

When a kid will fully addicted of watching cartoons and suddenly some reasons if they cannot watch it then they can behave rudely with their family members or small sisters or brothers. 

3. Use of foul languages

If your kids are watching cartoon on online platforms then choose the platforms carefully. Your kids can learn some foul languages through the ads that come in the breaks. It is not good for their mind and health too. It will eventually create a bad impact on their life. Even they can use those languages on their schools. Thus, pay attention to this point attentively. 


Hence, here are some of the good and bad sides of watching cartoon programs for kids. Thus, offer cartoon shows your kids wisely. 


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