Thinking about buying the best water purifier under 15,000. This article will guide you to find the best water purifier for office and home or elsewhere.

Water is one of the most important requirements in life. And when it comes to health, the water needs to be clean and pure. Water tends to dissolve any substances in it, due to its ability, it can also dissolve many pollutants and toxic substances in it. It makes the water Unfit and impure to drink. If any person drinks the harm water may suffer from water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, etc. To turn down these harmful microorganisms, the best water purifier is a solution. A water purifier is just a home appliance that is a must to have Nowadays.

Many assemblies are trying to develop the best water purifier under 15,000 using the latest machinery to get clean water. It is hard to find the water purifier in India from the market as you have a lot of choices.

You may hear the terms Like RO, UV, TDS controller, UF, Mineral, etc. they involve you even more. But here you can find all the information regarding the best water purifier under 15,000 as well as their specifications and products.

List of some best water purifiers under 15,000

[1] LG Puri care 8L RO+UV water purifier with dual protection

5-stage RO filtration system – the puricare 8L RO+ purifier work with 5 stage RO filtration system. These RO filtrations help to remove viruses and bacteria from the water. The filtration helps to prevent the mixing of purified water with the impure water, and it helps to maintain minerals on the water.

Stainless certification – You will get the support of stainless certification with this LG puricare 8L

Dual protection stainless steel tank – the 8L RO+ dual protection purifier, will you get the dual protection. This stainless-steel tank is more hygienic in example with the plastic tanks.

·  Pros

> Comes with UV indicator

> Big capacity

> Lovely design

·  Cons

> Control level could be a item strong

·  Features

> 1-year warranty

> Hot water at a press button

> TDS up to 2000PPM

> Tank type – virgin food and grade ABS

[2] AO Smith Z9 10L RO+SCMT water purifier

8-stage water purification – AO smith Z9 10L RO water purifier. Water passes through 8 stage procedures that include – ART MAX, carbon block, sediment-filter, pre-filter, RO membrane, ZX double protection and mineral technology.

Mineralizer machinery – AO smith Z9 RO water purifier mineralizer machinery. The technology adds essential minerals to the water.

Progress recovery technology – this AO smith Z9 purifier, you will get the facility of the advanced recover technology. This machinery also ensures minimum water wastage.

Silver charged Membrane technology – the membrane technology is a new stage of purification that helps to prevent any potential secondary microbial disease.

Advanced alarm – the advanced alarm is a handy system that lets us know if the RO membrane of the filters rights to be changed.

·  Pros

> Pure water

> Hot and cold water provided

> Purifier provide 8 stage

> Big capacity

·  Cons

> Face installation issue

·  Key highlights

> Capacity 8L

> Tank Type – food grade

> TDS up to 2000 PPM

> Different copper charge

[3] HUL pure it copper + mineral RO + UV + MF water purifier 10L

Copper charge – the copper charge machinery helps to change the water with 99% pure water.

Precise copper dosing – copper vessels can’t introduce a proper cost of copper as it depends on the size of the vessel, storage time and quality of water.

Double lock – the water purifier comes with a double purity lock that gives an alarm before 15 days, the filter finish, the auto  shutdown stops the water if the filter is not changed.

·  Pros

> TDS up to 2000PPM

> Overall, well being

> Water purifiers maintain immunity

> Water helps to fight obesity

·  Cons

> 1L water filtration, there will be 650ML wastage

·  Key highlights

> Capacity 8L

> Different copper charge machinery charge water with 99% pure water

> Material type – food grade


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