Curtains receive a lot of dust, especially when you keep the windows open most of the time. You can use curtain steam cleaning methods for cleaning the curtains regularly. We are going to share important information regarding curtain cleaning. 

Aside from the outside dust and dirt, curtains absorb many smells coming from inside the home. Some of these smells include the smoking smell, cooking smell and could lead to discoloration. If your curtains are delicate or light in colors, these stains would be easily visible. The most effective way for curtain cleaning is steam cleaning, but you can use some other methods to clean the curtains. You can get quotes from curtain cleaners and show them your curtains as well; they would inspect the type of fabric of the curtains and then recommend the method for cleaning if you prefer to wash the curtains with hands then you should use detergents which are mild and does not affect the fabric of the curtains. 

Washing machine 

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne would first inspect the type of fabric of the curtains and then select the cleaning method. Don’t put your curtains directly into the washing machine without inspecting the type of the fabric. The setting of the washing machine also matters when you are cleaning curtains in it. You should choose a slow spin and cool wash for your machine. Don’t use harsh detergents; you should use detergent, which is light and doesn’t affect the curtains’ fabric. Do verify whether the material of the curtain shrinks or not. However, don’t wash the curtains in the washing machine if they are heavy. Some materials of the curtains need special attention. The delicate cotton also shrinks during the cleaning process, therefore using curtain steam cleaning methods for it. 

Hand washing methods for curtains 

Some cleaners also recommend that delicate curtains should be hand washed. When you are hand washing the curtains, it is the safest option for you. It is easy for everyone to hand wash the curtains, use the normal light laundry detergent for hand washing the curtains. You can also use soap for cleaning when hand washing the curtains. Ensure that you follow the instructions for the hand wash; all the products have their levels of concentration, so you need to be careful when handling them. 

Washing curtains in the washing machine is easy, but when you wash the curtains with hands, you need to follow the instructions. The risk of the shrinking of the curtains decreases when you are hand washing them. The handwashing method is best for the curtains, which are 100%, made from cotton. 

Steam cleaning methods 

The most successful method for cleaning the curtains is the curtain steam cleaning. The machinery for steam cleaning is expensive; therefore, you should get help from professional services when your curtains need steam cleaning. If you are doing the process on your own, make sure that you start from the curtains’ topside and then slowly move downwards. When you notice that the curtain’s fabric is wet, try to hold the cleaner always from the curtain. Do read the guidelines given by the manufacturer before using the steam cleaning methods for the curtain cleaning. You also need to wear the protection kit when washing the curtains using the steam cleaning machines. 

The curtains which are made from heavy fabric should be washed using the steam cleaning methods. It is also recommended when it is not easy to take down the curtains due to their high weight.

After cleaning the curtains, make sure that you don’t put them in the dryer, especially when they are wet. The creases may become permanent. They would not be removed even when you are using iron for the curtains. You should allow the curtains to dry; naturally, it would help remove the creases of the curtains, and they don’t need any ironing as well. 

How to protect the curtains?

Regular cleaning of the curtains is important, but it is also important to protect your curtains by dusting them repeatedly. You should keep the kitchen doors close when cooking; similarly, try to limit smoking when you are in the rooms with delicate curtains. 

Regular vacuuming of the curtains also helps in reducing the dust and dirt on the curtains. You can also use the soft attachment of brushes for removing the dirt and dust from the curtains. You can leave the curtains out in the open for one or two hours at times, and it would help remove the bad smells from the curtains. 


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