Shower enclosures and trays are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners when it comes to contemporary styles of bathroom boxes. In the past, bathrooms used to be a place where everything else visits for bathing. They gave no attention to style or design, and you will see it was room to wash away dirt from your body only. These days, however, this is not the case anymore. The bathroom is more than a toilet. You can also relax your mind and body in this area. Therefore, modern designs of the bathroom have a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

This section of the house looks as sophisticated as the bathrooms in luxury hotels, with various designs and models. They can equip it with top sinks of ceramic or granite. Or else, you might put the cabinets including a glass shower. 

The Affordability of Glass Shower Enclosures

Modern designs of the bathroom are becoming more complex. This is because of many manufacturing processes specifically developed to make houses look better and quicker. There are lots of facilities you can choose from to embellish your bathroom. Shower enclosures and trays are one of these. In every contemporary style of home, glass cubicles look amazing. You can it designs the enclosures, the manufacturer will still create custom-made designs that suit your taste and your bathroom’s interior design.

Not all advanced glass shower cabinets are expensive. The bathroom equipment is available at a broad range of prices that fit any budget. There are many glass shower enclosures on the market. They provide your tastes which you want to add up with the royalty as possible. There are experts in the market who enable designing at less cost and offer them to customers at affordable rates. 

Choosing from Different Styles of Glass Enclosures

You remain assured of the right product for your bathroom, with all manufacturers providing their designs for a glass shower enclosure.  One of these is the glass corner, among the most common options. This is because it allows for functional space, especially in confined bathrooms. Besides being practical, it is also elegant to build a corner shower cabinet.   Another common glass box is a design with three sides in which you can range from angled cubicles to curved enclosures. Quadrant and offset enclosures belong to this class. 

Cleaning tips

Many people who wish to install shower enclosures and trays hesitate because they feel it is difficult to clean the glass from soap scum and rust stains. Although, if you do not take care of your glass over time, they will build up over time, here are some tips that will help you keep your glass sparkling and new: 

  1. Once your fresh glass shower enclosure cleaner install, remove all fingerprints from the product and wash the whole glass using a cleaner such as the one you use to treat your car’s windscreen. This makes soap scum and even calcium and strains slip off the glass.
  2. Wash the insides of your shower and wipe it with a clean towel after someone’s bath. This helps prevent the formation of soap scum. 
  3. Use a vinegar and water mixture to spray your glass shower enclosure when you clean your bathroom.  You can easily wash your shower with only boiling water and a clean sponge by removing the soap scums and calcium while you are busy and tired. 
  4. Use the window cleaner inside and out to remove any fingerprints after cleaning the tray.

Where to get? 

In the UK market, the Royal bathrooms offer an incredible range of enclosures and their respective trays. Shower enclosures and trays are designed in a single package with doors as well. Pivot and sliding doors are the most renowned linage for UK based customers. Reach them now and enjoy excellent services.


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