From kindling creative thinking and decision-making skills to improving memory and productivity, the importance of adopting constructive hobbies in our day-to-day lives cannot be overstated. For entrepreneurs and business leaders, hobbies may sound like a luxury which they can’t afford due to constraints of time however, they are in fact said to be beneficial in reducing stress and keeping you calm and motivated. Pursuing a hobby that fuels creativity, challenges you and enriches your life in any way helps you become a better entrepreneur altogether. 

Consider Greg Moran, founder of Bengaluru-based start-up Zoomcar, who is also a fitness enthusiast. In between his busy schedules as a business professional, he said that he makes sure to squeeze in time for a jog or other fitness activities even when he is travelling.  

Such ‘active’ hobbies help you stay physically fit as well as emotionally and mentally healthy. Even though for entrepreneurs, it may not seem unfeasible or elusive to set aside time for other activities considering the heaps of responsibilities they are already occupied with, but stepping out of the comfort zone for a couple of times can gradually lead to habit formation. 

Rajat Khare, founder of Luxembourg-based firm Boundary Holding has also been taking a strong liking for yoga and in fact, the AI entrepreneur said that adding a few minutes of yoga and meditation to his daily routine has turned out to be a game changer in his career as well. Practising what he preaches, he has been seeking to inspire the business community by sharing his yoga experiences through Rajat Khare – Yoga page on Facebook. 

The insights provided by business people – from start-up founders and entrepreneurs of established companies to some of world’s most influential people, testify the fact that indulging in constructive hobbies unleashes the best of you, helps you discover your talents and presents you with new ways of looking at problems. Therefore, if you haven’t taken up a hobby already, it may be high time that you give yourself a little break and embrace a useful hobby. 


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