Erection problems are often very disabling for several men. Indeed, the lack of an erection strong enough to penetrate your partner or controversy with a soft erection during the act is very humiliating. And result in a vicious circle by associating sex with a source of tension, which might be as bad for your self-confidence as your sex life.

This erectile problem affects plenty more men than you may think. It’s often related to aging. This can be not false since almost 1 / 4 of men over 65 experience this kind of difficulty. But 5% of men under 40 may additionally have trouble getting an erection. Or, in any case, they cannot keep up their erection long enough during the act to satisfy their partner.

However, an erection problem during the act isn’t inevitable. You’ll have a full and fulfilling sex life at any age, while you grow old. There are indeed today excellent products like Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 20 which will solve erection problems with a prescription.

This starts with understanding the character of your problem. To search out the answer best suited to your situation. We present all of them to you during this full article.

What are the causes of an erection problem during the act?

Having an erection problem during intercourse isn’t linked to male impotence. In fact, in most cases, you’ll get an erection within the morning as soon as you get up. Or maybe when watching an X movie or masturbating. This just goes to indicate that your arteries and nerves (the parts of your body that make your penis erect) are working correctly. Everything is therefore functional on this side . the matter thus comes from elsewhere.

Stress: the primary explanation for an erection problem during penetration

If your body is functioning well and manages to own an erection “on your own,” there’s another cause that explains why you can not maintain an erection during penetration. If your organism isn’t answerable, it’s because the origin is undoubtedly psychological.

And indeed, stress is usually the apparent reason for an erection problem during the act. If you’re anxious about not satisfying your partner, or not holding on long enough to allow them an orgasm, your body goes to send you an adrenaline rush.

A study of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder found that this sort of stress increased the danger of sexual dysfunction quite three times. Long-term stress and anxiety can increase your body’s specific hormone levels and interfere with your body’s processes. It also can cause other health problems, which will result in erection difficulties.

However, this hormone may be a bit just like the kryptonite of your erection. And when your body secretes it, you’ll not be ready to get an erection automatically. Concretely, this discharge is explained, because you’re anxious by your performances, which you’re terrified of not having the ability to penetrate it. Hence the origin of your breakdown, which is mental and not physical.

The problem of the vicious circle

The problem with this rationale explanation for your erection problem during sex is that it can cause positive feedback. If you’ve got had a momentary breakdown (which may be explained very just by a stroke of fatigue, a night too drunk or insufficient sexual stimulation), it can set a nasty precedent for your self-confidence.

To stress is therefore added to the pressure to happen again. This may increase the chance of a brand new failure preventing you from once more satisfying your partner. And so on.

You may even be worried that she’s going to have questions, that she sees that you awaken entirely hard, or that she may not feel wanted by you. The fear that you just are cheating on her, can raise your performance pressure similarly—result: repeated breakdowns, which is able only to aggravate the matter.

The role of the prostate

Your prostate may be the reason behind your erection problem during the act. Within the event of a breakdown during penetration, atherosclerosis would be the cause. This degeneration of your arteries can indeed cause circulation problems. These will hamper your blood flow, and so prevent you from maintaining your erection during the act. If you have got had your prostate removed, it should have affected nerves. This can prevent you from having an erection quickly and for an extended time.

The other causes which will explain your impotency are:

too low testosterone levels; during this case, it’s possible to require particularly useful supplements like Vidalista 20 to extend its level.

Hypertension: high pressure can contribute to dysfunction. A number of the drugs wont to treat high force per unit area also can cause erection difficulties. Consistent with the authors of 1 study, about 30% of men with hypertension also had erectile problems

diabetes: to possess an erection, men need healthy blood vessels, nerves, and male hormones. They even have to have the desire and be sexually stimulated. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control an erection.

Consequences: whether or not you’ve got reasonable amounts of male hormones and desire to have sex, you’ll not be ready to achieve a firm erection. On the opposite hand, if you have got diabetes but adopt a healthier lifestyle, you’ll reduce your diabetes symptoms and improve your sexual health

multiple sclerosis

vascular problems ;

taking treatments for depression like antidepressants and anxiolytics

However, be careful because these physiological causes are only to be explored if you’ve got recurring difficulties in obtaining an erection. Not just an erection problem during the act. Otherwise, it’ll be a psychological origin.

Solutions to erection problems during the act

After discovering the causes of an erection problem during the act, it is time to seek solutions that will remedy it.

Consult a sex therapist

If stress is that the explanation for your erection problems, consulting a sex therapist could be a good solution to remedy it. additionally to targeting the assorted factors which will result in a rise in your anxiety, your doctor offers you a treatment conceive to facilitate your feel better from a sexual point of view. Couples therapy is additionally an honest idea to boost communication between you and so the standard of your relationship.

Communicate together with your partner

If the origin of your erection problem during the act is mental, the primary solution remains communication. The primary person you would like to speak to could be a doctor. He can facilitate your refine your diagnosis. And it’s especially he who will prescribe an oral treatment if it’s this solution that you wish to favor.

It would help if you also reached discussing this subject along with your partner. Indeed, she will also suffer from your disfunction. And picture that it’s the direct cause. While you’ll be extremely frustrated with true and feel ashamed, you mustn’t avoid the subject.

Moreover, your partner is often a precious ally in helping you overcome this difficulty. Not only by reassuring you about your performance and helping you regain self-confidence. It also shows you how to satisfy her otherwise, without your penis (with your tongue, your fingers). This could help relieve you of the pressure of a robust, prolonged erection. You’ll also discover new sensations.

Either way, be hospitable discussion and honest together with your partner. This can be the most effective thanks to acting on the most reason behind your erection problem during the act: stress!

Take an opening

Taking a chance from sex (especially penetrative sex) could also be another solution. Studies have shown that avoiding penetration for a minimum of 2 to three weeks would relieve you of stress.

Also, take breaks during the act if you’re feeling that the strain is commencing to mount. To do this, delay the penetration and linger on the foreplay to present yourself time to be sufficiently calm and aroused.

Multiply the foreplay

Caresses, kisses, sensual words … multiply all the stimuli that increase desire and reach a state of pleasure.

Drug treatments

Specific medical treatments could also be of interest for your erection problem during the act. There are many erection pills on the market, but not all are created equal. You’ll address an oral treatment with prescription like Male Extra, which boosts your libido and allows you to enjoy an erection for extended. Or drugs like Cenforce 200, or Kamagra Oral Jelly, which are only available with a prescription from your doctor.

Be careful, because they have to be sexually stimulated to act. But they permit you to own an erection for extended. And reduce the latency time between each of your erections. These are temporary boost shots that will allow you to own several successful reports. And so to regain confidence in yourself.

It will not entirely reduce your stress problem. But you’ll still overcome your breakdowns momentarily. However, watch out for the contraindications and risks of side effects presented by these treatments.

Change your habits

A few changes in your way of life also can facilitate you to perform better in sex. Start with your diet, because being overweight and having an excessive amount of cholesterol can prevent you from maintaining your erection for extended. Eating heart-healthy food can even improve blood circulation throughout the body, including the penis. Try and bog down on fats and sugars and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Achieving a healthy weight can help improve your male erecticle dysfunction.

According to the Massachusetts Study on Male Aging, there’s an on the spot link between diet and erection difficulties. the lads within the study who ate plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and who avoided chicken and processed grains, were less likely to experience erection difficulties

Also, stop thinking of alcohol as a true aphrodisiac. This can be counterproductive if you are taking sexual enhancers, but most significantly, alcohol can reduce your ability to induce an erection. Explanations: Alcohol affects all parts of the body liable for an honest erection. It lowers the number of hormones, including testosterone, it damages the cells in your testes and gonads. Even slight damage can prevent you from getting or maintaining an erection.

If you smoke, attempt to quit . in step with a study, men who smoke cigarettes have a far higher risk of full of ED. people that quit smoking are more likely to experience a decrease in their ED than people who still smoke

Also, resume exercise if you’ve got been inactive for too long . Start with cardio or weight training sessions for 20 to a half-hour daily. It’ll facilitate you to be more energetic and less stressed. Exercise is additionally an excellent thanks to lowering your pressure level and improve your blood circulation.

Bet on natural solutions

Certain foods like fruits and vegetables can have surprising effects on erections. So, don’t hesitate to consume ginger, garlic or beet juice, natural vasodilators that improve blood circulation, provide energy, and prevent certain diseases that will cause ED.

Pomegranate is incredibly rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, and nitrates, which are potent vasodilators. A study dispensed on 19 active people showed that the consumption of 1000 mg of pomegranate extract half-hour before a workout increased blood flow, the diameter of the blood vessels additionally because of the performance during exercise.

According to some studies, garlic – precisely its sulfur compounds, including allicin – can improve blood flow to tissues and lower force per unit area by relaxing blood vessels.

Studies in humans and animals have shown that ginger reduces high force per unit area, which features a negative impact on blood circulation.

The consequences of an erection problem

Erectile disorders aren’t without consequences for men and couples:

A blow to the ego: if many men decide not to speak about their impotency, these dysfunctions have adverse effects (loss of self-confidence, ego problem…). If the matter is resolved quickly, men usually recover quickly.

Mood swings: if dysfunction persists, the person can become irritable, withdraw into himself, and take the slightest remark as a special attack. For a pair, all this reasonably often results in separation.

Female dissatisfaction: when faced with a person unable to supply her with pleasure, the lady may feel frustrated. And if the matter persists, she might find solace elsewhere.

If you suffer from erection problems, it’s important to react quickly to forestall this disorder from becoming a defect in your life and avoid a separation along with your partner.


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