Any visual form that we use to communicate some idea or concept to others is called graphic design. It includes imagery, typography, colours, symbols, and forms. There are a million ways that you can use a combination of these things to achieve your goal. That is why experts have categorized graphic design into various categories. Each of these categories has its own specialities and uses. Based on your need, you can use any one or more of them as quite often they overlap.

Before you go ahead and select a category or type, you have to know that each of these types has its own skills and techniques. Most graphic designers focus on multiple types while some choose to specialize in just one type. For example, almost all graphic designers can create a custom logo design using multiple types. This is because the industry is constantly changing and all designers have to be up to date with the needs of the industry. They have to adapt with the changing times to ensure that you have a smooth career.

Whether you are a new and upcoming designer or you are looking for graphic design services for your business, you should know the various types of graphic design. If you know them, you can find the right type of person for the job as well as the right way of creating your logo.

1. Visual identity graphic design

A brand identity is how any business communicates with its audience. it has a distinct tone, personality, and character. Visual identity design is the same. It has all the visual elements of the brand and uses them to properly communicate the brand’s ideology to the target audience. It shows the face of the brand to the people as well as the story behind it. This type of design includes logos, typography, and other images that represent the brand.

2. Marketing & advertising graphic design

Nowadays, graphic design is a term closely related to marketing and advertising. Businesses use marketing and advertising to tap into their target markets and help their consumers make decisions. This type of graphic design is based on what the consumers want and how they see a product or service. Using this type of design, companies can effectively promote their brands and turn viewers into confirmed buyers. They are a part of the overall marketing strategy and include traditional images as well as digital images for social media channels and more.

3. User interface graphic design

User interface graphic design is how the users interact with an app or the website. These designs are made to attract customers and provide a user-friendly experience to them so that they can take the desired action. This type of graphic design focuses on the design of elements that a user interacts with online like buttons, menus, pages, posts, and more. The more aesthetically appealing a website is the more chances that a consumer will complete the journey and purchase the products or services.

4. Publication graphic design

Publications refer to the newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues as far as the traditional print medium is concerned. When we talk about the digital world, publications can mean ebooks, online newsletters, emails, and more. They are usually long-form content pieces. A graphic designer that works on publications will create various layouts that will make it easier for the viewer to read. They will also work on the perfect typography as well as the images included in the publication.

5. Packaging graphic design

If your brand promotes some products, then you will definitely have some sort of packaging to protect the product during storage and distribution. Packaging not only protects the products, it also speaks to the consumers about your brand. This makes it an excellent tool for marketing and promotion. Packaging graphic designers create layouts and concepts that can be printed on the packaging as well as the material of the package and more.

6. Motion graphic design

Motion graphic designing includes videos, animations, typography and more. These are the graphics that you see on TV, films, as well as other digital channels. The importance of this type of graphic designing has increased exponentially as people are becoming more and more visual. They are consuming more and more videos as compared to other types of content. There was a time when this type of designing was only accessible by big brands that had the budget to do it. But now, thanks to social media, it is accessible to everyone.

7. Environmental graphic design

This type of graphic designs are available throughout our environments and help us remember the brands and interact with them. It could be a signage, billboard, murals, office branding, public transport branding, exhibitions, kiosks, and more. This type of graphic design merges visuals with architecture, landscape, and more. 

8. Art and illustration for graphic design

Arts and graphic design are usually seen as synonyms of each other. Artists create original artwork that moves people while graphic designers create content that communicates a specific idea to the target audience. Even though both of them are worlds apart, graphic designers do create works of art for commercial use. These include t-shirts, stock images, video games, and more. Acrylic paint designs is one medium for illustration art, having both complex and easy painting methods.

Use the right types of graphic design for the job

The field of graphic designing is a versatile one and it is constantly changing. That is why it requires professionals that are adept at changing and adapting. Knowing the types of graphic design can really help a designer as well as a business owner find out what kind of graphic design is needed at any given moment.


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