Autism is one such disorder that has been argued over repeatedly without any possible means of medical respite.

Given the nature of the disorder and its subsequent diagnosis, autistic patients, especially children, reportedly prefer predictable routine and familiar environments. Hence, one must keep them within their comfort zone, as much as possible.

As such, the slightest deviation from a pre-set structure creates differences across sensory processing. This leads to high anxiety levels, making it stressful for an autistic child. 

Intending to attain a full-fledged recovery from the disorder, the Tucson Biological Wellness Centre has recently adopted Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT for autism. 

HBOT, as many are aware, was initially identified to treat decompression sickness affecting deep-sea divers. In time, multiple clinical trials have depicted the efficacy of HBOT as an alternate treatment option for rather serious conditions like:

  •  TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  •   Radiation injuries and inflammation 
  •   Severe wounds that won’t heal easily

Currently, the FDA has approved the use of HBOT to treat more than ten such medical conditions. 

This post discusses the plausible efficacy of HBOT as a regular treatment option for autistic patients. 

How HBOT Works For Autism

Simply put, HBOT involves a patient breathing one hundred percent pure oxygen, enclosed within a pressurized glass chamber.

HBOT helps a person fill their lungs with up to twice the amount of oxygen compared to normal breathing.

Thus, it allows for the inhaled oxygen to be circulated through the body via the bloodstream. This, in turn, releases healing chemicals much faster to treat wounds and other similar conditions.  

Speaking of HBOT for autism, the treatment has been identified as a simple and uniquely effective means of supplying more oxygen to damaged or affected cell tissues within the brain.

In a typical case of autism, the behavioral and cognitive dysfunction of the patient has a lot to do with deprived blood supply to certain areas of the brain. Medical trials have depicted how regular sessions of HBOT have shown marked improvement for mitochondria cells performing better. Additionally, the blood flow to the affected areas across the brain is increased, which counts for lesser oxidative stress, as well as a reduction in swelling of tissues.

Medical Trials and a Big Step 

The idea of HBOT for autism has been introduced and subsequently withdrawn, in the absence of no solid medical evidence. However, in a double-blind, randomized, and controlled medical trial, the effectiveness of the therapy was depicted with positive findings. 

The trial involved more than sixty children suffering from autism who were recruited from six different centers. They were aged between two and seven (2-7) and were assigned to a total of forty (40) sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (at 1.3 ATA). 

The outcome measures of the trial were recorded keeping in terms with the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist, Clinical Global Impression Scale, and Aberrant Behavior Checklist.

In the results of the trial, the group of children who were subjected to HBOT sessions at 1.3 ATA, and around twenty-four percent (24%) oxygen reportedly depicted improvement across key areas that included:

  • Cognitive awareness level 
  • Receptive Language 
  • Social interaction 
  • Eye contact 

In comparison, the other group who were treated with less percentage of oxygen showed little to almost no improvement in their way of interaction and behavior. 

From a broader perspective, Tucson Biological Wellness has emerged as the first facility of its kind to embrace HBOT for autism treatment. Equipped with modern-day medical blessings, courtesy cutting edge technology, the facility houses come-of-age services like red light therapy, ozone therapy, infrared sauna, and much more. 

The Future of HBOT Treating Autism 

Speaking indifferently, HBOT for autism is still being offered as an off label treatment by several medical practitioners. 

Don’t be alarmed as multiple testimonies vouch for its efficacy. Autism, which is primarily both a neurological and physiological disorder, often fails miserably, when subjected to the traditional mode of treatment. 

Thus, HBOT for autism is the last resort for many parents who have lost all hope, and batting each day alongside their autistic children. 

What makes it difficult is the accessibility to HBOT, as not many clinics currently offer the treatment. To this, the Tucson Biological Wellness is a great initiative to help a large number of families.

The other option is to buy an HBOT chamber and install the same at home. This will not only make it easy for the child to receive the treatment comfortably but also keep him away from going into unfamiliar surroundings each time. 

Food For Thought 

Treating neurological and physiological disorders have always been difficult. Undoubtedly, HBOT for autism is a rewarding breakthrough, where traditional treatment options have failed to make an impact. 

The cost of an HBOT session is a little on the higher side. Also, being recognized as an off-label treatment, it falls right outside the ambit of your insurance. Hence, medical coverage is out of the question.

That leaves one to work with dedicated come-of-age medical centers, like Tucson Biological Wellness. If money is not a constraint for you, the best choice will be installing a hyperbaric chamber at home to facilitate the treatment.


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