Exams are nearing, and students of class 9 are stressed out about how to prepare for the exams. Here we provide the answers to all the questionnaires which arise in students mind. There are many books available in the market for students to pick and study from for the exams. Still, for CBSE students, we advise learning from the NCERT books as these books are the best reference material any student can rely on to prepare for the exams. Schools across the country highly recommend NCERT books as these books provide all the necessary and fundamentals for students to achieve their desired scores in the main exams.

NCERT books are made available for students in all subjects and all grades. Subjects like Social Science, English, History, Civics, etc. are one of the subjects where students can obtain high marks in the examinations. The CBSE board itself prescribes NCERT books and students can prepare from NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science book where the concepts are explained using pictorial representation and in an easily understandable language so that students can achieve their desired scores. 

English being another subject for getting a good score, students can refer and stick to NCERT books as these books are designed by the industry experts keeping in mind the students grasping abilities. Studying from these books gives clear insights to all the topics present in each chapter. For easy access to the answers, experts have formulated NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English book so that students can secure high marks in the board exams.

Here are a few benefits of using NCERT books:

  • All the basic concepts are explained in an understandable format so that any student can quickly grasp the topics and score good marks in the exam.
  • Questions in the board paper are usually asked from these books. Since NCERT books strictly follow CBSE curriculum.
  • The best examples are provided before each exercise so that students can practice and would be able to answer the questions at ease.
  • These books are best during revision purposes.   
  • To access their knowledge gap students can refer to NCERT books.
  • NCERT books are helpful for students to crack any competitive exams as well.
  • Difficult concepts are explained through pictorial representation or by using illustrations so that students can understand the topics easily.
  • Also, students can solve the previous year papers, sample papers so that they get to know the important topics from the exam point of view.

Students aiming to score high marks in their board examination can refer to NCERT books as these books help in gaining that extra knowledge. NCERT books are one of the most accessible resources any student can rely on to achieve their dreams. Note down important points while preparing so that it helps during revision time. Students can find the best answers to all the questions and hence preparing from these books is an added advantage which helps in writing the exams more confidently.

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