Ever wonder how you recognize your favorite products in retail stores? Is it product displays, properly labeled aisles, or pure instinct? Most probably, you recognize them by their unique packaging. Between logos, lettering, and familiar brand colors, retail manufacturers carve customers’ perception by leaving a positive impression with their packaging. For cosmetic industry brands, it’s essential to have an eye-catching, functional, and sales-driven design. Hot stamping, also known as foil stamp printing, allow cosmetic brands to meet all three needs head-on.  

Hot stamping is defined as a process to transfer an engraved image to a particular surface. Heating is a crucial part of the procedure because it allows you to transfer the engraved image. Printers use a stamping die to heat and transfer the image to a marking foil. It leaves the ink on the desired surface where the image is transferred.  

Benefits of Hot Stamping    

Compared to other printing processes, hot stamping is favored because of numerous benefits. It’s flexible and can be used on a variety of materials, including plastic. Products like stamping wire insulations, paper, and pencils are some of the output of the process.  

The process is considered valuable because it’s a dry method. This bars you from embracing complicated procedures such as mixing inks to get the output from the procedure. There aren’t any complex interventions, so that you can operate the manual machine without any hassle. 

Below are the benefits of using hot foil stamping when carving custom eyelash boxes or other packaging solutions. 

Greater Visibility

Need a top-notch, highly visible label? Hot foil printing is the way to go. Study shows that more enticing the product packaging, the more likely it is to grasp customers’ attention.  

And it doesn’t just grasp customers’ attention, but draw the eyeballs to this particular type of packaging before any other because it stands out on the shelf. This means your sales can soar. 

Value Proposition 

Since many established brands, including cosmetic, food, and beverage companies, already use hot stamping, it is associated with high-quality. It gives you the edge in the consumer market, where perception is the key to taking action.   

When you associate your product with premium quality, it outshines your competition on the retail shelf and boosts your sales by raising brand awareness.   

Color Selection 

Hot foil printing leads the way with exceptional results and affordability, especially when creating metallic labels with a wide color selection. 

From metallic silver and gold to metallic purples, reds, and virtually any color you want can be transferred to your custom eyelash boxes with this process. So, whatever color palette your company branding is interested in, hot stamping can complement the style. 

Furthermore, various foil effects can be applied to your label to give your product an entirely different outlook. These effects include wood, marble, leather, pearl, and snakeskin. 

Fully Customizable

Many presume that hot stamping cannot be customized to meet your needs. But in reality, this isn’t the case. Each die is tailored for your custom eyelash boxes


From all these facts, one can conclude that there are numerous benefits of hot stamping. It’s an affordable way to produce fine-looking packaging, especially when you are on a budget and desperately need to create quality packaging for your brand. 

If you don’t know how to harness the power of hot stamping, joining hands with The Legacy Printing or other dependable packaging suppliers in the US can immensely reduce the anxiety. Wondering how? The company has helped countless companies develop their packages within their time frame and money using hot stamping and other printing processes. 

They can help you, too, by sharing a wide variety of ideas that involves hot stamping. Don’t hold back, hire a reliable custom packaging supplier today.    


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