Luxury boxes are a special type of box that is used to pack high-end branded and luxury products. They are made with intense care and precision. They are used for the packaging of highly paid makeup, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, and many more products. They are basically used by consumers related to any walk of life. They are made up of high-quality rigid material, adding strength to it. They are decorated interiorly as well as exteriorly to lure more customers and to match the high-end quality of the product they contain. The decoration can be done by the company, or it can also be done at home at comparatively cheap rates. Their printing requires a lot of time and attention. Every slight detail is kept in regard while making and printing these boxes. These boxes target the elite market and the high-quality products that are found in the market.

Decorating luxury boxes at home has always been in practice. But, the printing of such boxes to make them look adorable is quite new. In addition to decorating them, you can also go by printing them at your own home. The following are some hacks to make such boxes look ten times more attractive.

Use Home printers

Home printers are the low budget printers that are used for domestic printing services. They come in various designs and models. For printing of boxes, the printers that can work best on cardboard and paper boards are the most suitable.

You can use such printers to print the most exciting and enchanting designs on cardboard. You can then make use of them in the detailing of your boxes. You can also use multiple printed details to make it took vibrant and diverse. A handheld inkjet printer gives the same results as desired with efficaciousness. You can also use a label printer for printing minor details of the boxes. 

Print visuals

The way a box looks speaks the whole tale. It is paramount to work on the visuals of such boxes. There should be bright colors used to pack luxury items for kids and teenagers. Whereas, for making these boxes attractive for aged people, use light and subtle printing coleus. The same technique can be applied to printing various themed patterns on the boxes. On-demand graphics and designs can also be used to make the printing of such boxes stand out. A box should be displayed in the most bewitching manner leaving a strong impact on the viewer. When it comes to visual designs, you can also opt for a single theme, either of your choice or as per customers’ demand. There are many themes from which you can choose, for instance, a music theme for music lovers, a vintage theme for antique product lovers, and the list goes by. 

Use of paints

Paints, especially watercolor painting effects, add to the elegance and simplicity of a luxury product. Another way to use paints is to print patterned template to be colored by your own hands to make it look unique. Luxury packaging is already flooded with quality products and stunning designs. So, you don’t really have to work much on making the printing look more attractive.

Simple style statement like giving an effect of paint split in the background will do the trick. Go with simple designs or periodic designs when it comes to printing. It is favorable not to apply haphazard designing on such boxes. If decorations are needed, you can add little details like ribbons bows or designed tapes on some parts of these boxes to make these look as elegant as the product. You can also leave the luxury box as it is and add a printed touch of a pint on the lid alone to define its statement.

Try Hand-lettering

Hand lettering on the gifts, boxes, and other products of use, is really in trend nowadays. It attaches an emotional value and sincere sentiments to the box. You can get the hand-lettered text printed on the boxes and make custom luxury boxes. There’s another way of adding hand-lettered stuff to the boxes, that is, by attaching small printed note cards, or hand-lettered and printed chits along with the cards. Adding small printed text notes like “best wishes,” “only for you,” “with lots of love,” etc. can develop an emotional bond with the consumer of that box. Direct hand lettering printed on the cardboard of such boxes can also be done but, that is a time taking process. Small flowers or ribbons or die-cut and printed characters can also be attached along with the hand-lettered text to make it look more appealing.

Use Printed label and sticker stamps

The most fascinating aspect of a box proves to be its presentation. The way you present a box with extra additions makes it look catchy and engaging, and it makes people want to touch and use the box again and again. There are many labels and printed styles of stamps available in the market.

These include logo labels, printed characters, printed stickers related to the product packed inside that can also be used for luxury wholesale boxes. Another innovative style of box printing is a different lid and box. This type of design is most trendy to be used on these boxes because it looks eye-catching and beautiful. It best suits the boxes like these.

Print the interior

When a box is opened, the first thing that comes in the notice is the interior of the box. Sometimes, it’s not the exterior, but the interior of the box that makes the whole difference. To make the interior excel make use of subtle printing designs and graphics to give a warm effect to your luxury packaging. There are various tools to make the interior loo0k attractive; for example, use cushion balls or layer all not the interior with a foamy fabric, etc. you can also use printed sheets of paper or any soft material to make it look stunning. One can also with the graphical interior with printed designs or patterns. Printed characters can also help make the interior look funky and in style.

Using all of the above-mentioned tools in the printing of your luxury products will increase sales and attract more consumers. People are always looking for something new and innovative in the market, and styling your boxes as mentioned above will make your box look rare and unique, and your product will stand out among all the products in the market.


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