Commonly known as custom handle bags, gable boxes are an amazing combination of a box and bag that look like a hut. They are best for packing small and luxurious items like candies, cookies, cupcakes, gifts, and jewelry. They are also used as lunchboxes or in restaurants for takeaway edibles. At parties or weddings, they are also given as favor bags. They are made of durable food-grade materials such as kraft or cardboard. These materials have good recycling and processing abilities. They are resistant to pressure, punctures, humidity, heat, and other environmental factors. They have a built-in handle that makes it easier to carry them around. With unique and intricate designs, shapes, colors, and prints, they make the customers fall harder for them. They come as butterfly-handle bags, window packages, gold foiled, or square-shaped packages. They are ambidextrous and can be used to pack any smaller or relatively larger product. Lately, gable boxes have created quite a fuzz in the market. The reason being their unique presentation and convenient usage. They are used as gift bags, party, or wedding favors. Their flexible nature makes them highly versatile, which is why almost every other business is using them to pack and promote their items efficiently. Let us see how they are an all-in-one kind of packaging solution.  

Environment-friendly packing

An excellent thing about custom handle packages is that they are eco-friendly. They are not inimical to the health of our planet, unlike plastic or other non-biodegradable packaging solutions. They are compostable and reduce carbon footprints on the environment. Since they are made from biodegradable materials like Kraft, box board, or cardboard, they can be recycled easily. The manufacturing of custom gable boxes involves fewer dyes and chemicals, which is also why they are less threatening to the environment. 

Economical solution

The fantastic customizable bags are cheap and easy to buy. They are readily available in the market as the material involved in their production is easily accessible. One can go for minimalist designing if they cannot afford excessive designing and printing. Get them in plain colors such as white or natural Kraft with the brand logo mentioned to cut the cost even more. If the usage is more, gable packaging wholesale can be bought. Buying them in bulk from a reliable supplier will reduce the shipment or delivery cost. 

Resistance against ecological factors

You need not question why gable boxes with handle are mostly used in the food sector. Let us tell you this fact in advance that they are highly sustainable. They are made of high-quality materials that provide resistance against abiotic as well as biotic factors. These factors include temperature, sunlight, humidity, sudden impact, scratch, jolts, or any microorganism. The food-grade material maintains the quality of the food items appealingly. The inserts or slots added to the corrugated gable boxes further keep the delicacies from crumbling or getting ruined. Hence, providing maximal protection.

Protection of products

Despite their apparent frangible outlook, customized bags are sturdy and durable. They provide the utmost protection to the delicate or high-end items that are kept inside. They have a special interlocking handle mechanism that keeps the items from coming out. The special inserts, holders, or section dividers in heavy-duty gable boxes hold the items in one place, meanwhile allowing enough space to put a good number of similar items in them, like cupcakes. Furthermore, cushioning material or void fillers are added in them to prevent the items from damage.  

Cosmic customization options

Why are handle bags thought of as all-rounders? The simple reason is that they are customizable and have multiple domestic and professional usage. They can be molded into any desired shape or design, such as rectangle, square, triangle, or round. However, the square shape is most widely used. Window cuts can be added to give a better view of the commodity inside. Printing options like gold stamping, embossing, or lamination can be done on them. Bold typography can be used on best colored & printed gable boxes to type interesting messages on the pack. You can choose an exceptional theme and color palette and make your gable bags stand out.


Custom handle bags are one of the most versatile packages that have ever been created. They are being used as beautiful wedding favors, creative gift holders, cake packing, food takeaways, or lunchboxes. You can get as much intuitive and artistic as you want and get yourself extraordinary hut packages. Add ribbons, bows, glitters, or laces to enhance their appeal. Get them made in attractive designs and shapes. These include artistic gables for kids, clear gable bags, gold or silver foil bags, die-cut window packages, and bags with auto-lock mechanism, etc.

Promotional qualities 

One of the most exceptional qualities of custom gable boxes that proprietors or entrepreneurs love is that they offer a creative and promotional packaging solution simultaneously. They can be used as cost-effective marketing and branding tools. Printing the brand logo, name, and unique tagline on the front and back will raise brand awareness among customers. They will use and even recommend your brand to others. Furthermore, they help you become a distinguishable business. All the above-mentioned qualities and features of gable boxes show how excellent and an all-in-one kind of carry packages they are. They are a perfect way to display and send your items in an attractive and budget-friendly manner. One can use them at the beck and call of their requirement.


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