Grout is a combination of sand and cement. It fills between the gap line of tiles for better construction and appearance. Moreover, it offers a better level of performance to the tiles and floor. On the other hand, you can use the grout for different purposes such as in building material for better consistency. However, there is not a specified time frame for the tile sealing as well as grout. 

It depends on the type of grout as well as a covered area. So, it can be dried within hours or numbers of days depending on the area. However, before sealing, you need to grout the tiles appropriately. Because sealant can’t adjust or sit on the tiles because of slippery texture. 

Before getting the tile sealing Melbourne services, make sure that grout is completely dried. Otherwise, sealant will take more time to dry and don’t place on the grout smoothly. After that, sealant will also take a couple of hours for drying. 

Time Frame Depends On The Sealant’s Type:

Most of the time, grout takes 1 or 2 weeks to dry completely. If you fulfil this time requirements then you need to wait for less after sealing tiles grout. So, it’s better to dry the grout appropriately before applying the sealant. 

On the other hand, if the grout is not dried appropriately then it can become dull and dirty easily especially while applying the sealant. So, all these things should be clear before starting the tile sealing process for better results. 

After installing the new tiles, there is a need to wait for a week before grouting. So, the tiles can adjust to the floor efficiently. If you don’t want to do all these tasks and don’t know enough about it then you can also hire the professional tile sealing Melbourne services. 

But it’s not economical for a small area. So, it’s better to do it by yourself by following all the guidelines and instructions given by the manufacturer. Moreover, the drying time of grout, as well as sealant, depends on the level of moisture and humidity in the air. 

So, turn on all the fans and ventilators after installing the grout and sealant. Avoid walking on the tiles until the grout dried after sealing tiles grout. However, you can test by walking in a small area about the dryness level of the grout. 

Wait For 48 Hours After Applying The Sealant:

The considered time frame for sealer’s dry is 48 hours or as recommended by the manufacturing company. So, it’s better to not allow the foot traffic on that area after completing the sealing process. Otherwise, the footprint will make the grout and tiles dull and dirty. 

Moreover, it will hard to get rid of excessive dry grout on the tiles or floor. So, clean the tiles after completing the sealing. You can test the dryness of that area just by sprinkling a few drops of water. If the water doesn’t accumulate on the grout lines then there is still a need to wait. 

Moreover, if the tested place is not dried then immediately apply the sealer again. 

Benefits Of Sealant:

As we all know, grout has absorbent properties and can absorb water and moisture. So, it’s not good for tiles and overall floor. For this, the sealer is used to protect the grout and tiles from moisture and water. 

Because moisture can cause numbers of health issues and the growth of mold. However, tile sealing is not necessary for natural stones and slate tiles. Because these tiles have a natural resistant against water and moisture. 

Moreover, you can use the types of sealer also based on tiles and floor requirements. A penetrating sealer is a good option for shower and bathroom tiles and grout. Because this type of sealer can penetrate in the grout easily and offer protection against water. 

However, non-penetrating sealer doesn’t penetrate in the grout but make a coat or layer on the grout. that’s why it’s a good choice for living areas and kitchens but not for the bathrooms. 

How Should You Know About Resealing Needs?

It’s necessary to get the tile sealing Melbourne services at least once per year. But it’s also better to get these services right after the professional cleaning of tiles and grout. Moreover, if you don’t know about when you should go for resealing then drop water on a small area of grout if the water absorbs then you need to reseal it. 

Otherwise, grout is in good condition.


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