Skip tracing is defined as the practice of searching for a person or finding their exact location. Businesses and organizations use skip tracing to search for people who are either missing or are to be investigated for any reason. Law enforcement authorities and investigators make use of skip tracing quite a lot. Private investigator in Preston and all over the UK are mostly implementing this practice. 

Can You Use Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a very effective method to locate a person who disappeared to avoid due payments or any other similar responsibilities. Mostly the reason is debt defaults. It is recommended that you hire a private investigator to get this job done as they are people skilled in doing these kinds of jobs and bringing the desired outcomes. Private investigators use skip tracing to find all details about the individual who has wronged and in some cases, they get access to exact locations very quickly and outsource it to other local investigators operating in that region, but only if they are permitted to. 

Skip tracing is not an easy task to perform, therefore only people who have vast experience in the field of investigation can get this done. This work involves extensive research, surveillance, unique observational skills, and most importantly, patience. 

The People You Can Find Using Skip Tracing

Mostly, investigators and detectives use skip tracing to find people for debt collection. However, other individuals can also be located using skip tracing for example:

  • Customers who disappeared after receiving full service without paying
  • Defendants who failed to show up for their hearings
  • People who are to be given process papers in their legal matters  
  • People who took debts and did not return

How Do Private Investigators Use Skip Tracing

Private detectives may use a plethora of approaches to locate the person in question. These ways include searching into public records and directories, which is the most basic and easiest method. Other methods include inquiring from all the people who are directly or indirectly related to the subject, searching all possible places where that person goes to, having access to their asset and property papers and lastly searching through special databases. In recent times, this task has become relatively convenient due to social media; investigators search through the social media profiles of these missing people and successfully glean a lot of details. 

What Kind Of Information Does A Private Investigator Extract From Skip Tracing

First things first, private investigators can never arrest a person. However, they contact the person in question to provide papers. Private investigators make use of skip tracing to know the exact location of the subject and also bring out all relevant information. Other data they might gather encapsulates the subjected person’s name, birth date, workplace, address, contact information, and any other factors that may identify him/her.


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