A video collage is a great method to show your picture and/or video collection. Perhaps when you recorded the video, you did not catch the ideal audio or sound, but you can alter it all in your video collage!

It enables you to fully select what the polished video includes. Choose your ideal pictures or choose your raw video, tap them all together and add a piece of background music to your creation, and you’ll have the perfect video collage!

But before you start the procedure to make a video from pictures, you first have to choose a video collage maker. Video and picture editing tools are available online. Today, though, we shall utilize InVideo. InVideo is a free, internet-based tool that aims to maximize your creativity.

Since it is an internet-based tool, no software needs to be downloaded and installed locally. It comes with a range of presets and templates to facilitate the seamless creation of your video collage.

At the same time, you may also adapt your creativity according to your tastes. Use its large and vast media library with over one million library pictures and movies on one lake to create something that is unique and unforgettable.

Steps to Create a video collage Using InVideo for Free

You can simply convert the image files located in your gallery to video collages in five simple steps with InVideo, completely free! Here’s the way:

Step 1: Create an Account

Sign-up for an InVideo account and log into the online video creation platform.

Step 2: Project Start

Navigate the pre-existing templates section and choose ‘Video Collage Maker.’ Scroll through the whole collection using a video collage templates array. You may start your project with a collection of hand-crafted and attractive templates.

Step 3: Changing your video collage

Upload your media assets to the video collage. You may browse the media library and select anything that strikes your eye and utilize it in your video collage. It is also possible to choose any audio clip or music file and add it as a backdrop to the video.

Step 4: Preview and edit your development

Crop or trim the video clip, change the video playing speed, use filters, add text, or record voice overviews. Play with all of the capabilities and features and continue to refine your video collage until it is completed. There are many features & options available for you to get the desired outcomes, so use them until the final result pleases your eyes.

Step 5: Save your video collage and download it

You may choose the export option to download the video after you finish creating and modifying a video collage. Your collage is ready to export!

Tips to make wonderful video collages

It has never been simpler to convert pictures to a video collage than the steps demonstrated above. You can get the final result to appear like it was handcrafted with love! Here are some more ideas and techniques to step up your video collages:

1. Choose interconnected photos

You must follow a logical sequence of events if you want to tell a narrative via your video collage. It helps connect and strengthen the single point your video collage tries to communicate.

The easiest method to do this is by using interrelated pictures. Based on color, texture, and content, pictures can be easily linked. Choose pictures with the same or comparable colors, mood, and feel as well as the theme or subject. It helps the eye choose patterns and draws significance from them.

2. Use Negative Space

The empty region surrounding the primary topic is referred to as a negative area. This negative space distinguishes the topic and gives emphasis. It also emphasizes every little feature in your picture and draws the attention of the visitor. You may set the focus on the hero of your video collage if you utilize videos with negative space.

3. Add Text

Adding text is one of the simplest but most unused methods to add a story to the video collage. However, make sure that you choose readable fonts or scripts when utilizing textual material. Go for something basic but unmissable, like the robots font. The font size, color, alignment, and placement of the content can make a significant impact. Therefore, be careful to do the same throughout this addition.

4. Effectively use the soundtrack

Many video montages and collages utilize music to create an emotional connection. Music, therefore, serves as a conduit to arouse the emotions of the audience. The music you select may correspond to the mood and pace of energy in the video collage or a song that is linked directly or indirectly via the words.

5. Maintain a suitable length

Sure, creating an hour-long feature with all your pictures from your holiday makes it logical. But do you really need to add all your photos? Less is more when making video collages. This concept allows you to grab the most attention by keeping it brief and straightforward. As a consequence, shorter collages have a greater effect than lengthy, trailing collages that only mix the message as long as it is.


You may now simply make amazing video collages that capture the hearts of your visitors. Furthermore, they will become a heart-touching means to make you remember your favorite moments. Conversely, you may utilize this ability to compile and customize a narrative from the sequence of events by recording a narration. Anyway, the final video collage after all the work will definitely be Oscar-worthy!


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