When you join college, it’s important to remember that winter months will find you in school. For this reason, you should invest in warm and cozy clothes to keep you warm and comfortable during this time. This way, you can attend all lectures instead of choosing to curl up in bed. 

As you purchase warm cozy clothes, don’t also forget to make your dorm room warm because you won’t always be outdoors. Making your dorm room habitable during winter months ensures you don’t freeze every time you’re spending time with yourself or with your friends. 

A comfortable dorm room enables you to work on your assignments over the weekends so that you don’t have an overwhelming academic workload as the semester progresses. And if you have a hard time completing one of the assignments, feel free to reach out to online academic services to get the professional assistance you need. Ensure you work only with the best services to buy persuasive essay paper who guarantee quality submissions.

Planning for winter is essential because the last thing you want is for the extreme cold to freeze your bones while you’re trying to maintain above average academic performance. And you need a dorm room you’re glad to come home to at the end of a long cold day attending lectures and writing essays. That’s why we’ve prepared a short guide to help you stay warm in your freezing dorm room during winter. 

Hang Christmas Lights

During Spring and Autumn, your dorm room overhead lighting is usually sufficient to provide you with the illumination and warmth you need to be comfortable. However, when winter clocks in, this won’t be enough to stop your bones from freezing. The cold in the air will considerably overpower the warmth that your overhead lighting generates.

An excellent way of keeping the cold at bay is hanging Christmas lights around your dorm room. More lighting means more warmth generated and don’t forget that Christmas string lights will completely transform your personal space. 

And since the festive season is around the corner, they allow you to set the mood for holiday celebrations even before the schools close. These warm and cozy lights will ensure you enjoy spending time in your dorm over the weekend alone or with friends. What’s more, the beautiful ambience will motivate you to get school work done during study sessions so you don’t have an overwhelming academic workload the next week.

Make Warm Drinks

If you enjoy drinking hot beverages, winter is the perfect time to make them because they help heat up your body from the inside out. A hot cup of sweet cocoa would be the perfect company when you’re working on your assignments on a chilly winter school night.

In case you don’t have a kettle, this is the time to invest in one as the appliance will allow you to make instant cups of hot drinks when you need to warm yourself. Alternatively, you can use the microwave provided at your dorm room to make the drinks when you need them.

Don’t also forget to eat hot meals as this is not the time to eat lukewarm food. Your body could use the heat, so ensure you heat your food if it goes cold. 

Get a Space Heater

Since hanging Christmas lights might not be enough to warm your dorm room, consider investing in a space heater as well. Having a space heater on hand allows you to achieve desirable room temperatures even if the weather outside is extremely cold. 

When shopping for a space heater, ensure you work with reputable brands that are more likely to supply genuine appliances. After all, you don’t want to replace your space heater every academic year because they keep breaking down. 

Another important detail to note is to always plug your space heater directly into the wall. Your power extensions might not be built to support the appliance’s voltage consumption. 

Invest in Fuzzy Slippers and Socks

No matter how warm you try to keep yourself, if your feet are cold, you won’t be as comfortable as you intend to be. So as you invest in heavy sweaters and trench coats, don’t forget to pick up fuzzy slippers and socks as well. Keeping your feet warm ensures that they don’t transport the chilliness to the rest of your body.

Socks and fuzzy slippers make a world of difference during winter because they ensure you enjoy spending time indoors. Be creative with your choice of footwear and purchase products you’ll be proud to call yours.

Wrapping Up

Winter doesn’t have to be one of those seasons you can’t wait to be over. Investing in warm clothing and warming up your dorm room ensures you are comfortable despite the extreme coldness. Making these investments and lifestyle changes allow you to see the beauty during this season and maintain excellent academic performance. 


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