Look, I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you guys who Mega man is or what he’s about. I mean He was pretty much a mascot for gaming in the 8 and 16-bit, era. You played his games You’ve probably even seen one of his shows or comics before. 

But when I’m pretty damn sure you haven’t seen is a mega man that has cursing Violence and even nudity like Savita Bhabhi comics until now that is I’m Jocelyn the intern I do all the research Nobody else wants to straight from the desk of death battle let me introduce to you the new adventures of Mega man and yes, that is the cover of the very first issue And yeah this shit is about to get pretty strange ladies and gentlemen and let me assure you this is a 100% genuinely cap com approved property. 

Whatever reason cap com licensed out Mega man to a Brazilian comic house And this is the outcome of that decision if you couldn’t tell this Mega man world is way Different than the ones you might be familiar with for starters roll is a fully grown woman that’s because this takes place Roughly thirty years after the original mega man and Role were created by Dr.Light And Dr.Light is dead because Dr. Wily dropped an atom bomb on his labs creating an apocalyptic world seems like a bit overkill. Also read- Names that mean queen

But you know evil scientist’s if that wasn’t bad enough a lot of the robots Revolted and started killing humans, and I do mean killing look at these poor bastards This blue quick man looking robot just cut that dudes head off yeah I mean Fire-Man is over there torching a whole bunch of people. these are some straight up rude robos Luckily for humanity Dr.. Light was able to build a few more bots before his death like proto man, Mega Man x and zero which we have they pretty strange to see Mega man and x standing next to each other.

It’s even stranger to see them both perv out over role despite referring to her as their sister Apparently Robo incest is a very round upon now. If you’re curious white x is in a bathrobe and roll is naked well Let me explain X is apparently retired and living in the suburbs which seems like a dick move when there are renegade robots running around murdering people and roll is naked because Well nearly every issue finds an excuse to show off her artificial assets. 

If you’re like me you’ve probably got one very potent three-letter question on your mind, I mean straight-up What is going on up in these comics the art is different in like every issue And the story is all over the place and far from anything mega man was ever about well luckily I do have some answers for you first off the style change is due to the fact that they actually had a Fan Art contest for each issue in the beginning. 

Yes, Roughly the first half of the 16 issue series was drawn by fans as for the writing Well, that’s pretty interesting the comic even makes fun of it by breaking the fourth Wall in the second issue You see a man named Jose Roberto Ferreira wrote the first five issues and this guy had some very strong opinion Apparently. he didn’t think too highly of video games And he also didn’t care too much for mega man in fact Jose even wrote in a character named Princess who he intended to use to kill all the other characters and eventually take over the entire series. 

This is pretty obvious when she introduces herself and explains how american comic books are trash and ruining Brazil’s comic scene she even calls roll a Retard which is pretty goddamn rude if you ask me keep in mind all of this Yes, all of this is in a real mega man comic series sanctioned by Capcom Luckily though this crazy writer was fired before he could exit his entire plan to well Execute the cast new Writers were hired to finish the series But even so this comic was too far gone and ended with about a thousand loose ends and not a single good issue FunFact: the small-time mega man character Kalinka is actually in this comic as well.


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