Every generation has a typical trend that defines it. Today’s generation is defined by gymming, irrespective of gender, strata of society, caste or creed people are crazy about going to the gym. A major role in building the craze has been done by the media and entertainment industry. 

The stars and celebrities have millions of followers when post photos with six-pack abs it creates a feeling to become similar to him or her masses. And this is then translated to gyms. And the craze is not limited to men because men would say that men and boys want to build six-packs and hence gymming.

Even girls have the same level of craze for the gym, they do so to get a zero figure just like their favourite actress or model. But if you ask a doctor or health expert, he or she is most likely to say not to gymming. There must be some reason why most people bodybuilders don’t live much and are found taking pills like Vidalista 20 mg and Cenforce 100mg. Whereas people who live for 100 years like some in Japan never went to the gym. Even our ancestors had a much longer lifespan than ours and that too without going to the gym. They used to walk all the way to their destination on foot, can you expect the same from a man or woman who spends hours in the gym? Obviously, no. 

Let’s find out in this article is it essential to make workouts at the gym or is it just the trend that everyone is catching up due to FOMO (Fear of missing out).  

The need of doing gym

It is very important to find the motivation that makes people flock to the gym and lift heavy iron items. Are the reasons pro-health or just flowery to become influencers on social media? Because if we want to challenge the people about gymming then we must first know the reason, let’s find out.

For six-pack abs

This is one of the major reasons for people spending thousands of bucks and enrolling on gyms. Today’s generation has some kind of frenzy with six-pack abs, they find it cool and attractive. A few decades ago, it was very rare to find common men with six-pack abs. Only the WWE wrestles build them. But slowly after WWE made six-pack abs popular across the globe due to its insane fan following, actors in movies also started to become muscular. 

And movies are also one kind of addiction for the masses as it influences their lifestyle in a big way. You may have seen people copying the hair styles, clothing and walking styles of their favourite celebs. Hence, six-pack abs were also one of the newest trends that spread like wildfire. So, if you are joining the gym with the aim of six-pack abs then it is legitimate as without a perfect trainer and specific equipment for specific body parts is only available in the gym. 

To remain fit

Other people give the excuse that they go for gymming to just remain fit and not build six-pack abs. This theory can be busted in no time because there are different other ways by which you can make your body flexible, and burn calories without going to the gym. 

If you are overweight and want to work out extensively to burn the excess fat then every morning goes to a nearby park and run as much as you want. Take a skipping rope with you or you can cycle for 30 minutes, these activities also burn equal calories. 

In fact, a workout in the park in the early morning will help you inhale fresh air which is not available during other hours of the day. Even doctors advise going for a morning walk as it is good for the lungs as well. And you can get all such benefits without spending a penny. You can play your favourite sport and do numerous other activities other than gymming to remain fit. 

Side effects of gymming

Gymming may seem good from the outside, but it has side effects. For instance, gymming puts lots of stress on muscles to keep them in a shape. Hence, if you stop doing gym for a few days or weeks your muscles will come back to their original shape and sometimes get fluffier. This is why you have seen people who had a good shape during gymming days, but due to work or some other reason after leaving gym they became much fat than they were earlier gymming. Such men are the ones that search for Fildena 100mg on Powpills.

So, to maintain the shape you must be constant in gymming and this is not possible for common men and women who are teachers, lawyers, doctors, and engineers. This type of routine where 2 to 3 hours of the gym is included daily is only suitable for celebrities.


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