We all know our skin to be the outer layer of our body. Like all other organs of the body, even skin is neglected from being taken proper care in today’s hectic world. Yes! It’s true. Skin is an organ and in fact, it is the largest organ in the body. Awareness about facts just like the earlier sentence can encourage us to take proper care of our skin. This article can help you gain additional insight into some of the interesting and vital facts about this usually “taken for granted organ”.

Interesting facts about skin:

1. With the exception of providing primary protection from the external atmosphere, the skin provides sensation, regulates heat, acts as a water-resistant barrier to hold the nutrients of the body, and stores water.

2. The outermost layer of the skin is technically called the epidermis consisting of nearly 25-30 layers of dead cells. Timely removal of these cells is important for skincare. This can be the reason why we must always use soaps while bathing.

3. A layer of these dead cells is shed every twenty-four hours and that they make up 90 percent of the household dirt.

4. A pigment known as melanin is responsible for providing skin with its natural colour. When for many reasons, this pigment is produced in excess in the body, the skin turns dark.

5. Aloe Vera is a boon for skincare. The leaves of this plant contain a gel that acts as a protection to the skin from harmful toxins. It minimizes scarring, heals burns faster, cools the body heated up by sunburns, kills bacteria which can cause skin infections and is a rich source of essential skin vitamins E and C.

6. Many of us use moisturizers and sun-screen lotions without being aware of their skin types. Not all moisturizers and sun-screen lotions are helpful to everyone. Before the use of these artificial chemical products, research on these products is important. Consulting a doctor will reveal our skin type and then we can be in a better position to form proper skincare choices.

7. Free radicals are substances produced in our bodies during the method of respiration. These substances are usually harmful to our body, however can’t be avoided. They cause signs of ageing like loosening of the skin primarily. To counter them and keep them in check, the body produces antioxidants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are natural sources of antioxidants and their daily intake is vital for the skin’s health.

8. The branch of medicine which deals with skin and its related diseases is technically called dermatology. When you suffer from skin problems it is good to visit a skin specialist doctor in Jabalpur for better treatment.

Your skin is precious and does not use any ordinary product, chemical product, or medicine without consulting a skin specialist doctor in Jabalpur. A specialist can appropriately guide you through which is the most skincare product to you based on a thorough examination.

Talk to them and let your skin be safe always!


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