Worried about the side effects of cosmetics products, choose herbal cosmetics products rich in organic things with zero side effects. As the ingredients present in it, are completely made from organic farming, which not only benefits the humans but the environment also. Various herbal cosmetics manufactures make these products according to the standards set up by the higher authorities so that ingredients used in the product do not harm the people. This is the reason that herbal cosmetics are more in use as compared to chemical products. The main ingredients used are natural botanical extracts, herbs, fruits, minerals & various others to keep our body or skin healthy.

Here are some of the ingredients used in making herbal products-
Amla- Amla is loaded with vitamin C, which is useful for hair and skin difficulties. It purifies the blood and gets rid of toxins from the body, which gives the skin a glowing effect. As the presence of anti-oxidants lessens the impacts of wrinkles, dark spots & other things with it.
Brahmi- Brahmi is the most useful herb to heal skin problems like itchiness, scalp problems & others. As anti-oxidants are there in it that remove the toxic things & inflammation which improve the skin tone & one can use it for dandruff problems also. Researches had also shown that Brahmi is also used to boost brain function and reduce anxiety & stress also.
Neem- A herb that is preferred by most of the persons to heal skin infections, redness, pimples & many more. It not only treat skin problems but also serves as an immunity booster, blood purifier to make the body healthy and fit. It is also known as “Sarva Roga Nivarini” which means curer of every disease.
Aloe Vera- It is also known as an inhibitor and an extension stimulator that heals the wounded surfaces easily. It contains enzymes, vitamin C&A & anti-oxidants characteristics, which make the skin & organs healthy. Aloe vera is an assistant to develop new tissues & relieving skin cancer caused by the sun.
Tulsi- It’s surprising to know that it not only makes the body fit but also keeps the hairs and skin healthy. The best herb to treat acne problems. It also cleans the skin deeply but also removes dirt, impurities & excess oil from the skin.
Multani mitts- Multani mitts is one of the earliest substance used for beauty mask to draw excess oil from the skin, moisturizes the hairs & many more. It also cleans the dirt from the skin & the best thing to treat sunburn & pimples.

These are some of the ingredients that the organizations prefer according to the demand of the people. Because of the zero side effects, organic ingredients & many more reasons, herbal cosmetics are the best one to use rather than synthetic or chemical products. No doubt the allergic problems may occur depending upon the type of skin the individual has. If these problems occur then stop using these products and if the problem still arises consult the doctor and start the treatment to cure the problem.


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