Installing security fencing on the boundary wall of your home, office, warehouse, or any other place which is valuable for you helps you in protecting it from the forceful entrance of intruders to a huge extent. And therefore going through this reason today the market is filled with a plethora of security fencings that not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of your place but also protect it from the unsocial elements and wild animals.

Among different types of security fencings, the most common types are palisade fencing and mesh fencing. Due to their huge popularity and benefits offered by them, it sometimes becomes difficult for the property owners to stick on which of them for the security of their house or office. Keeping this fact in concern we are going to make a comparison between both these types of popular security fencings.

Steel Mesh
Steel Mesh

Benefits of the Mesh Fencing: 

It is regarded as the best alternative to the palisade fencing, and is mainly preferred because of its design and looks, which helps to boost the exterior aesthetic appearance of the place where it is installed. However, as a general practice, this type of fencing is mainly installed at the places that are mainly crowded or visited by thousands of people at the same time, for instance, public parks, sports grounds, shopping malls, etc.

It would be interesting to know that installing the mesh fencing is easier and with their cost-effective and long-lasting nature they are highly preferred by everyone. In short, it can be said that mesh fencing is the perfect combination of security and contemporary designing pattern. Along with this, their availability in different colors makes it easier to match with exterior paint of your property, without making any compromise with the security.

Benefits of Steel Palisade Fencing:

 This type of security fencing is mainly installed in the factories and the areas that are prone to danger for the public like railways, forest areas, etc. Steel palisade fencing is different from other types of security fencings in terms of their make and looks and therefore stops the intruders before trying to move inside the property. However, as a result of their looks, they are mostly not preferred by the business groups and the public places. But, play a crucial role in offering complete security to industries, warehouses, and all those places that are of a huge relevance.

An interesting benefit associated with these fencings is that it is easier to install extra safety measures like CCTV cameras, warning signs, anti-climb paint, etc, to further boost the safety measures on your property. Moving ahead depending upon your requirement you can get the top edge of this fencing type equipped with single-pointed, dual pointed, triple pointed, rounded, or in any shape to restrict the entrance of thieves and animals.

Although it is difficult to climb over palisade fencing but still if someone tries to move in and succeeds in breaking its top edge then it is easier to get the damaged portion replaced easily at cost-effective prices.

Well it is hard to comment on which is the best among both these types of security fencings, as both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is better to consult fencing experts and seek their recommendations after getting your property inspected thoroughly. You can seek help by visiting as they can conduct inspections of your entire property and suggest suitable fencing material to enhance your house look.


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