On numerous occasions, we have spoken to you on our blog about outsourcing mobile app development. We have covered the reasons why you should outsource this task. Either way, there are always many advantages that drive us to outsource mobile app development. However, there are also some risks to consider. You have to be aware of the most common mistakes.

The advantages of outsourcing mobile application development

The benefits of IT Outsourcing For App Solution In UAE  depend on where you are. If you don’t have any experience in app development, this is the best option for you.  Remember that the type of team of developers or freelance programmer you are going to recruit will depend on the technical parameters of your application. It will also be necessary to estimate the amount of work required for its design and development. However, some points are recurring:

The specialization

The first advantage over other options on the market is that you have access to all skills. Whether you need an Android programmer or an iOS programmer, just a few hours are enough to find them. You will also get feedback and advice from mobile development experts who are used to tackling this type of product every day.

Product quality

Another advantage is the quality of the final product. Speaking of which, we are mainly thinking of the user experience of your mobile application. This will be a strong argument for positioning your product on the market in a natural way. A quality product already takes a lot of effort to sell successfully, so how do you sell an average product? Learn about all the aspects that can affect the quality of a mobile app. For example, there are differences between native applications than a web application. Also, don’t forget that a mobile marketing strategy is often necessary to differentiate yourself from the competition, despite the excellence of your product.

Cost reduction

Another advantage of outsourcing mobile application development is the immediate reduction in costs and recruitment fees. Incorporating professionals into the workforce of your business will be more expensive than outsourcing. It doesn’t matter if it’s hiring freelance developers or a digital agency.

Time saving

With outsourcing, you will spend less time monitoring the work of the project team. By choosing to outsource the development of mobile applications, you will only perform a control of the deliverables. This will allow you to invest time in other aspects of the business that may need your attention. Indeed, you can count on a project manager who will take care of it. All you have to do is validate the steps agreed at the start of the collaboration. The more activities of your company, the more the efforts of the employees will be dispersed. Outsourcing mobile application development will help alleviate the workload of your company’s employees. It will also allow you to focus your efforts on the core business of your business.

The risks of outsourcing mobile application development

Within any business or society, there are risks that must be taken on. This also happens if you decide to outsource mobile app development.

Lack of communication

The lack of structured communication (because it is not always possible to talk to each other “face to face”), the lack of familiarity and personal contact can have negative repercussions. When outsourcing services, communication may not be smooth and this may affect the completion of the application project. For example, the application developer may have misunderstood the company’s wish and made mistakes that will cause delays in the delivery of the application.

Setbacks and unreliability in delivery times

Sometimes when we go for a service outsourcing, as it can be the case in the creation of applications, we are not sure that the deadlines will be met. How do you know one hundred percent that the company or professional you have hired will meet our deadlines? This unreliability of the agent external to the company represents an additional risk. Setbacks can always happen, but with good communication and collaboration you can resolve concerns and meet delivery deadlines.

How can I protect my idea?

The fear of possible plagiarism of an original and innovative idea leads to a feeling of mistrust of companies towards this type of process. One of the biggest fears faced by those who are going to outsource mobile application development is to share their idea and have the person in charge of the project copy it. If you want to develop a mobile application while protecting your idea, you should give a general description of your project without going into details. In this way, you will only end up with unrealistic budgets which, in the end, will not convince you to hire a good freelance programmer… That is why it is recommended to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to protect your idea.


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