What Makes Ireland a Romantic Destination

The island of Ireland has a lot of offers for you in the area of romance. With its lush green countryside and fantastic legends, you might find yourself returning to Ireland for all of your vacations. What is it that makes Ireland an ideal spot for couples?

One remarkable draw to visiting Ireland as a couple is the opportunity to live in a castle, riding horses, attending balls, relaxing in the spa, or wandering over acres of woodlands full of mystery and enchantment. If you don’t choose to stay in a castle, there are plenty of places where you can find a dreamy, quiet spot to focus on each other.

Imagine yourself strolling along the high sea-cliffs of Ireland with the one you love, looking out over the waves, and absorbing the solace of time with each other. Ireland is filled with natural beauty, and much of it can be enjoyed without being disturbed by hundreds of other people. Whether you prefer winding trails amid lush fields and pastures or the sea’s craggy cliffs, Ireland has some unparalleled natural beauty, such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Lakes of Killarney.

Ireland is a country full of history: castles, early Christian architecture, haunted castles, fairy circles, and revolutions. In a land with a vibrant history and a close relationship with its history, you are sure to feel that you have been removed from the worries of your life by time and location. Visit Delta Airlines Reservations to get best offers on vacation packages with cheap flight fares to Ireland.

Romantic legends of tragic love and ghost stories involving lost love abound on the green isle of Ireland. Share the thrill of visiting these beautiful stories’ sites and be grateful that you and your loved one are together.

There is an abundance of other purposes to visit Ireland, including the delightful music of local musicians, quaint pubs, and towns pulled straight out of storybooks. You’ll find that travel is convenient in Ireland, and when you need it to be, vacations in Ireland are very reasonable.

Choosing Your Getaway Location

As you begin to plan your romantic getaway, you’ll want to remember your vacation goals. You might want to start by researching the different locations which have a reputation for romance. Decide as a couple what appeals to you in an exotic Ireland vacation, whether you want entertainment, and which amenities you want to have. Amazing things, you might want to add ease of access to the romantic spot, meals and shopping costs in the areas you intend to visit, and any particular wants or needs you have in mind.

Some Specific Tips While Traveling in Ireland


While there are plenty of tour buses available for your use, you might enjoy the privacy of renting your car. It allows you the freedom to visit your favourite spots when you want to and as often as you’d like. It will be a good idea to invest in some road maps, guidebooks, and a local cell phone for emergencies. You may also want to get yourself an Ordnance Survey map, particularly if you hope to visit national monuments. 

Food and Drink

Look for restaurants and pubs with local, fresh ingredients. Whether the quaint, traditional fare of villages or the cities’ cuisine, Irish food can be delicious. By choosing those eateries with the fresh ingredients gathered locally, you can make sure that your meals will be excellent. Also, the lunch menus are often priced lower than at other meal times. One popular favourite is the Fisherman’s Stew.

Some travellers have found that Irish wait personnel doesn’t come to their tables often. It is a difference in what is culturally expected. In Ireland, the peace of a private meal is the priority. If you want something during your meal, you might need to seek out someone to provide it.

Even if you plan to stay in the cities, try to get out of town at least once to visit a local pub with real music and local food and drink.


As far as shelter goes, there are many different choices:

Castles (what could be more romantic?)

Bed and breakfasts ( a consistent favourite)

Five-store hotels and more affordable hotels (something for every budget)

Farmhouse accommodations (to give you an authentic feel of the country)

Many travellers would advise you to spend at least two or three days in each area of Ireland that you intend to visit. If you can compress a four-night stay into the schedule, even better. Vacationers might try to schedule their days too full, without leaving room for spontaneity; sometimes, a romantic getaway’s success will happen in those unplanned moments.

What to Pack

The weather in Ireland could change at any minute, so plan to dress in layers. Forget your umbrella at the hotel and pack a high-quality raincoat with a hood instead. Choose some warm pyjamas and maybe even warm socks for the night time. You’ll want to have moisture-wicking socks for your daytime strolls; the same goes for comfortable, broken-in walking shoes.

When you are in charge of the honeymoon, an anniversary trip, or any other memorable trip, consider the allure of a romantic, exotic Ireland vacation.


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