Project Management Professional is one of the renowned project management certifications which is famous as PMP Certification. The main highlight of this certification is that professionals from any field can pursue this certification and get benefits. Irrespective of your industry, this online certification validates your skills and knowledge about project management. Apart from this, if you are wondered and have many questions in your head about online project management training, prerequisites, advantages, salary benefits, and so on. This post will help you to understand every little detail about PMP Certification. So, read along.

Why One Should Opt For a Project Management Certification Online?

This is a recognized certification and acknowledged by working Project Managers. It authenticates the education, skills, and knowledge of candidates who want to lead and direct the projects. Once you get the PMP Certifications, it lets you stand out from the crowd and displays you more eligible to lead a project. It also enhances the candidate’s confidence in handling a project by acquiring all the requisite knowledge and skills. And this results in completing a project with a hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Prerequisites for PMP Course

A candidate who is willing to complete the Project Management Certification Online in Noida is required to fulfill some requirements. So, check the prerequisites to apply for a PMP Certification.

When a candidate has a bachelor degree or equivalent globally recognized globally;

  • At least 3 years of professional experience in project management,
  • Experience in leading and directing projects at least for 4500 hours,
  • Experience in completing at least 35 hours of formal project management education approved by a four-day PMP course.

Having a High School Diploma or Equivalent Qualification from a Recognized Institution

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in project management,
  • Experience in leading and directing projects at least for 7500 hours,
  • Experience in completing at least 35 hours of formal project management education.

Besides, there is one point that you should consider before applying for the PMP exam. A candidate can appear thrice in a year for PMP online certification. Also, the experience acquired by the candidate must be within the last 8 years without overlapping the project management duration of your submission. The experience in all the 5 process groups across all the projects that a candidate completes is necessary. Being a Project Manager is not necessary for PMP Certification requirements but having a professional experience to lead and manage projects is something that counts in your experience. This makes a way for all kinds of professionals no matter which backgrounds are you from. Any professional from programming, event management, marketing, communication, and so on are eligible to apply for this certification. Moreover, it has divided into several domains like Initiating (13%), Planning (24%), Execution (31%), Monitoring and Controlling (25%), and Closing (7%).

Computer-based Test405 USD555 USD
Paper-based Test250 USD400 USD
Re-examination (CBT)275 USD375 USD
Re-examination (PBT)150 USD300 USD

Know the Structure of Project Management Certification Online Exam

To qualify for the PMP Certification, there will a slot of 4 hours in which the candidate needs to answer 200 multiple-choice questions. And the questions are available in thirteen different languages.

Fee Structure

 This is the first question that swirls in one’s mind before enrolling for the PMP course. So, this question has to be answered so here is all the information that you need for completing the PMP Certification cost charges by PMI. The fee process can be done in two different ways. You can get the membership of PMI by paying the required fee of 129 USD with the application fee of 10 USD. Also, the membership is valid for one year and once the validity is over you can renew the membership with a fee of 129 USD annually.

Moreover, you can opt for any of two different modes for PMP Certification training courses online:

PMP Computer-Based Tests

To appear in this mode of examination, you are required to book a slot for the examination with a Prometric Test center near you. This is the most convenient way for examination as you can opt for your desired time slot for your exam.

PMP Paper-Based Tests

For this, you will have to take up an examination as per the scheduled date decided by the Prometric website. You should consider one more thing that the examination fee of PMP Online Certification may vary for both the modes explained above.

Latest Hike in Salary after Completing the Project Management Certification Online

With every two passing years, the Project Management Institute (PMI) declares Earning Power. According to the Salary survey in its 11 edition, by analyzing the earnings of Project Managers from 42 counties across the globe. This research makes sure that the hiring officials and professionals with the core information about the job salary depending upon the various key features.

  • Over 32000 Project Management Professionals are being surveyed and the salary data is collected.
  • The responses of working professionals are recorded from 42 countries which now include Indonesia in their list along with many other countries like Pakistan, Portugal, the Philippines, and the Russian Federation.
  • The salaries are listed on the reports collected from the many countries to make a list of the highest going to the lowest level.
  • A cross-tabulated data through 15 demographic variables which include 8 positions about the salaries starting from entry-level to senior-level executives.
  • Reviews on the increase in the salary over the past year and expectation of salary increment over the next one year.
  • By collecting and analyzing the details on employee benefit packages.
  • Approximately 82% of respondents have completed the PMP Certification. It means only 22% of professionals are getting more salary than those professionals who have completed PMP Certification training courses online as per the data collected in 42 countries.
  • Probably, 3 quarters of respondents (72%) have reported their total salary i.e. all compensation along with the bonuses involved increment in the last 12 months before taking part in the survey. About a quarter of respondents have reported their salary increment with an increase of 5% in the previous time period.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Management Professional?

  • Encouraging each and every team member to deliver the assigned tasks on time and helping every member so that project can be submitted on time.
  • Taking important steps to protect the stakeholders and maintaining it so that it doesn’t drain away.
  • Monitoring the capabilities of all professional and provide guidance to those who need assistance to enhance their skills.
  • Checking compliance along with the mandatory rules and guidelines.
  • Maintaining the secrecy of the information involved in a project when it is required.
  • By sticking the ethical values and legal standards, completing every job with a hundred percent output.
  • Making sure that any kind of dispute of interest does not comprise the interest of the customer.
  • Act in a learned and truthful manner.
  • Practicing the code of ethics with absolute fairness and reliability.
  • Maintaining professional responsiveness while trading with any different culture.
  • Reporting every unauthorized or unethical behavior.
  • Requires maintaining that the copyright laws do not get broken.
  • Keeping full surveillance on the budget tampering and make sure there is no violation of company policies and are being followed properly.

Benefits of Project Management Certification Online

Here are the top benefits of acquiring the PMP Certification training that you can gain:

  • Once you have finished the PMP Certification course, and have become a project management professional, you’ll be able to learn an effective communication skill that’ll help you to in dealing with the clients or stakeholders.
  • Not only you’ll become a project management professional, but you can also contribute to the community in terms of being a volunteer with PMI. Besides, this will also help you to get opportunities to showcase your skills and share your expertise with other PMP professionals on a global scale.
  • Since organizations always prefer a certified Project management professional, there’s no doubt that you’ll have better job opportunities once you have become the PMP professional.
  • You’ll stay updated with the latest changes/trends, processes, techniques, project handling, completion, etc., that are utilized, or followed in the project management profession.
  • But most importantly, getting the Project management certification online also makes you goal-oriented & highly-skilled a professional, motivational individual in front of other employees & organizations.

In a nutshell, this is quite clear that after achieving the Project Management Professional certification, one can lead a successful career, and also help others in the PMP community to grow rapidly yet smartly.

Therefore, we, at Careerera, proudly bring you the live interactive sessions within a productive learning environment. Besides, our participants can also directly interact with the trainers regarding any queries and get the best of it as well. But most importantly, our expert trainers & real-world based PMP Certification training course plans will make the participants professionals to deal with the real-world challenges without any hassle.


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