Yet time and time again I see SMEs failing to use social media in the right way or falling into the trap of believing this is the be-all and end-all of their marketing campaigns. Let’s get a couple of things clear on what is realistically achievable on social media. I talked before about potential customers needing to interact with your brand, on average, 7 times before they start to think about making a purchase from you.

So, let me make it clear that social media is just another way for you to start a ‘conversation’ with your customers; both existing and potential. Taking the ‘Top 2′ Social Media outlets, namely Facebook and Twitter, people tend to use these as a form of social pleasure. They want to interact with their friends and family and share news and gossip about their ‘circle’, the best high roller casinos online and their interests.

There’s nothing more annoying than, when having fun with your friends, to be bombarded by companies shouting ‘BUY ME NOW’.

So, with this in mind what are the ‘DO NOTS’ of social media?

1. Be on every Social Media outlet

The key thing here is really a golden rule of marketing full stop.

You should hang out wherever your customers hang out!

If the majority of your customers are active on Facebook then you should be active on Facebook.

If they love a bit of Pinterest then maybe you should too.

Are they video watchers? Then get a YouTube channel.

2. Don’t Let Your Feeds Dry Up

If you’ve made a commitment to be on every social outlet then you better be prepared to keep EVERY feed updated regularly.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a company’s dead Social Feed.

Either keep it updated or ditch it altogether.

Many SMEs underestimate the time needed to keep all their Social profiles updated.

If you find you’re spreading yourself too thin, then concentrate on just the one or two that are the most popular and make those great.

3. Don’t Let the Interns or Office Junior post on Social Media

Just because the kids are ‘down’ with gadgets and gizmos and live their lives through social media, it does not mean they are equipped to start representing your brand like best australian casinos do. Of course, that’s not to say all are incapable or incompetent … they’re not; but the golden rule here is, would you let this person conduct a television or radio interview on behalf of your company? If the answer is no then keep them away from social media.

4. Don’t think you can automate your social media

We’re all pressed for time. We’re always looking for quick fixes that can buy us back that time and therefore I understand that the temptation to purchase software that promises to automate everything for you is a great one. The reason is that each form of Social Media also has its own ‘social etiquette’ and its own quirks and nuances. For instance, you may feel it’s ok to slip in a casual self-promoting link on Twitter or Facebook but I dare you to try it on Reedit. You’ll be caught out quicker than an MP with his pants down.

5. Don’t argue on social media

Don’t get personal about your brand or company.

If someone posts something negative then respond politely.

However, pick whom you respond to wisely.

If someone has a genuine complaint then admit the mistake and tell them how you’re going to fix it.

If someone doesn’t have a genuine complaint are simply out to ‘bait’ you then you should ignore them.

But don’t delete their comments or ban them unless they overstep the mark and it turns abusive.


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