Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual dysfunction that was earlier associated with a lot of stigma and shame because this condition made a lot of men incapable of making love to their partner. But thankfully there is more acceptance of this condition now as well as people are more aware of this condition. 

There are many different causes of this condition and there are many different types of treatments that are based on the causes of the condition. There are oral medications such as Cenforce and Vidalista which are prescribed for the treatment of mild to medium severity of erectile dysfunction which is caused by poor blood circulation. If the condition is caused due to lack of testosterone, it is treated by increasing the amount of testosterone. Some severe cases of erectile dysfunction treatment require surgery or penile implants.

Given the wide range of treatments offered to men by the current advancements in medical science, a man can have a healthy and fulfilling life in spite of sexual dysfunction. 

But still, when it comes to our health, the age-old wisdom stands still, prevention will always be better than the cure.

Those we bring you three proven and science-backed ways to prevent erectile dysfunction in men: 

  1. Make room for a lot of physical activities in your Daily Routine.

Poor blood circulation can easily contribute to erectile dysfunction in men because it plays a major role in making a man capable of having erections. Most of the cases of erectile dysfunction are caused due to the lack of an adequate amount of blood flowing towards the penile shaft when a man is sexually aroused. Poor blood circulation also marks the onset of various cardiovascular diseases which are also among the causes of erectile dysfunction. 

People who are physically active on a regular basis help in the promotion of proper flow of blood circulating across the whole body. This ensures that all the cells of your body get all the nutrients on time and are clean away and are oxygenated on a timely basis. Physical activities make sure that the blood circulates across your whole body properly, it gives adequate movement to all the parts of your body and also helps in maintaining healthy body weight and living a physically active life. Physical activities such as running, walking, and trekking have been linked with a reduction in stress levels. Stress can also cause erectile dysfunction thus adding physical activities to your daily routine for saves you from the various diseases and conditions which cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Some suggested physical activities for preventing erectile dysfunction walking, running, sports such as football, trekking, and rock-climbing. Yoga and skipping also will be good additions of physical activities in your life, if you are someone who prefers to go to the gym for physical activities that works as well. Just make sure to do it regularly, almost daily, or at least 5 days a week for your overall health. 

2. Make Positive Lifestyle changes in Your Life.

There are many different causes of erectile dysfunction and the current lifestyles that many of us follow are among the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.

Smoking, excessive drinking, and sedentary lifestyle are among the most common life-style based common causes of erectile dysfunction. Often these habits make very young men, even men in their twenties may suffer from erectile dysfunction if they have these habits in their life.

Smoking also leads to various cardiovascular and lung diseases which may have long term effects on your overall health, apart from giving you sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction.

Mild drinking or even moderate alcohol consumption occasionally is considered to be alright, especially in extremely cold climates. But excessive alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction thus it is recommended to practice being sober for the betterment of your long term sexual health. 

A sedentary lifestyle involves almost no or very little physical movement thus making the person gain excessive weight and even suffer from poor blood circulation. Obesity being a common cause of cardiovascular diseases, it can easily trigger erectile dysfunction in men. Apart from these, excessive stress can also trigger erectile dysfunction.

At times too little rest and constant conflicts in the romantic relationship can also dampen a man’s sexual drive which may at times develop into erectile dysfunction.

Thus having a physically active life, proper stress management, controlled alcohol consumption, and absolutely no smoking (if possible) will not only prevent erectile dysfunction in men but also other types of sexual dysfunction such as improving sperm motility and keeping you healthy for a long time. 

3. Eat food that boosts your sexual health.

It is no news that our diet plays a huge role in keeping our bodies healthy and the nutrients we get from the food we eat are required to keep all parts of our body running successfully, including our sexual organs.

There are many different types of fruits, vegetables, and other food items such as fishes that help in keeping sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction away.

There are leafy vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, and kale which are rich in nitrates. Nitrates are converted into nitric oxide by our body and they come useful in promoting smoother blood circulation.

There are food items that are rich in flavonoids which are also great for a man’s sexual health. When you are choosing items to add in your diet which promote long-term sexual health and prevent all types of sexual dysfunction along with erectile dysfunction.

Food items which are good for your heart and help in maintaining healthy body weight should be your first choice if preventing erectile dysfunction is your aim.

These are some of the proven ways to prevent erectile dysfunction which have been backed by various researches and studies carried out through many long years. An adequate amount of sleeping hours, coupled with these activities and precautions with ensuring that you have a long and fulfilling sexual life and a satisfying and happy love life for many long years.


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