After the ban of TikTok, there are so many TikTok Clone apps which got alert about their privacy and security settings for their customers. Not only this famous short-video making and editing social media app, but there were 59 other Chinese apps also that got banned due to their privacy policies. All these Chinese apps were storing the private data of users in various countries.

Even, the Indian Government entitlements that these banned Chinese apps were using user’s data illegally. And, these were gathering data secretly from the phones of people after downloading these apps as we know that TikTok got banned after the clash at India-China border in the Galwan Valley. But this was not the first time when TikTok got suspected of misusing the data of users and sent it to the Chinese government. However, Tiktok refused the claims and said that its storage is located outside of China, and they have no link with this.     

Why Was TikTok So Renowned?

TikTok and TikTok clone apps got so much popularity by providing services to make a short video with various editing features and voiceovers. These videos can also be shared on social media platforms by the users. With time, it had become immensely popular among all the people worldwide, and this also influenced people. But after knowing its loose data privacy and security, people refuse to use it. 

What Was the Reason Behind Its Ban?

As we know, India and China have often conflicted over the common border for decades. But this clash between them got a hike when the matter happened at Galwan Valley. Before this clash, there were buzzes that TikTok is storing private data of users and directing it to China. And after the clash, there were no more reasons to keep any relation with China, be it using Chinese apps or buying Chinese Products. 

Various countries are accusing China this time as it has left the world to suffer because of their deeds. Recently, the entire world is suffering from novel pandemic Covid-19, and due to this, the global economy has been affected so much. It is said that the reason behind this pandemic is China. People are showing their rage by boycotting Chinese products and apps. And, by following this, many apps got banned, and TikTok is one of them as it was the most used app by people. 

Statement of American President “Donald Trump” Regarding TikTok Ban

Trump Stated on Thursday that any deal to sell the popular social media app TikTok that is owned by Chinese company ByteDance to an American company must deliver significant benefit and total security to the United States. He has been given a deadline till September 15 to Chinese social media app to accept the deal, or else the US will stop all its operations in the Country. Some time ago, Trump announced that the US would soon stop using TikTok and other Chinese apps Similar to TikTok. Now, he has announced that this app company sells its interest to the American company with all necessary benefits and full security. App services will be continued in the US.

In this matter, Microsoft is also in talks to purchase American business of TikTok, after the threat of President Trump to ban this video-sharing platform as it includes 100 Million users from the USA and hundreds of millions all over the world. India has already banned all the Chinese social media app, including TikTok, WeChat, etc. After this ban, Trump said on August 6 that the US would also prevent WeChat and Tiktok from continuing its operations in the Country. As these Chinese apps threaten the national economy and security of America.

Trump also stated that “we want full security and also have a deadline till September 15. Many are interested in it, including Microsoft, but the deadline is fixed. To continue its operations in the US, it has to be secure. As we don’t want our information will be shared with China in any way”.

India was the first Country who banned Chinese apps like WeChat, TikTok and TikTok clone script, etc. that was the reason for national security concerns. 

In total, India has banned 106 Chinese apps, and this move is welcomed by both the US lawmakers and Trump administration. And, it was a necessary move as Tiktok stores a large amount of information automatically from its user’s phone after downloading the app. This information collection threatens to permit the access of the ruling Chinese communist party to proprietary and personal information of Americans.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have provided you with information regarding US president Trump’s recent statement. Trump has been condemning video-sharing app that is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company for storing personal data of Americans. As through this, China can track the federal employee’s locations, using personal data for blackmail, and also showing corporate intelligence. But in reply with these allegations, TikTok said that all the storage data of US users is stored on the servers based in the US and also, they are backed up in Singapore, so there is no fear of breaking any law. From preventing this, BR Softech, a leading app development company, is providing services of TikTok clone Development with their expert and rich-experienced team members. Try our development services at appropriate prices and high-quality! 


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