As the summer-fall upon us, we usually hide inside our houses and clung on to popsicles to keep our heads cool. But unlike humans, flowers need to stand out in the harshest climate and even then have to manage to look beautiful. Flowers easily manage to rock in whatever weather is planted in, isn’t this the best part that we love about flowers? That is why flowers bouquet online delivery increases during this season. 

The months that face direct sun over the head like July and August can be really brutal on everyone. But, it is also true that summer gardens are more colorful than the winter garden. What makes it colorful? It is the flowers that, despite everything (harsh sun, water scarcity), manage to bloom. Hats off to such amazing blooms that brighten up the scene when everything around is burning. So, here is a list of flowers that you can grow in your garden in the summer season. 


Growing With a spike of 7 inches, these blossoms sprout over the 12 to 24-inch plants with bloom hues in the red or blue shades. The blooming plant inclines toward the sun in the Northern side of the equator yet prefers a touch of shade in the Southern half of the globe areas.


First on the list is the exquisite lilies that can easily get by in extraordinary climate conditions like the conditions in summer. The blossom has a remarkable method of forestalling the loss of abundant water due to direct sun by letting its leaves evaporate while keeping the primary bulb of the bloom alive. Lilies are a beautiful addition in a bouquet, so if you want to send lilies online to someone, just grow fresh lilies and chop off to make a beautiful bouquet. 

Musk Rose: 

It very well may be easily found in India with a blooming season in May prominently. The blossom changes its shading from purple-earthy colored to dull red at the hour of a full sprout with extraordinary scent and appearance. You must have heard or read this name in many of the perfumes that you might have been using because it is used in making perfumes. A lovely scent that is what this flower will lend to your garden.  

Blanket Flower: 

Blanket blossom or the gaillardia is an enduring bloom that can develop effectively in the dry season and hot areas consisting of helpless soil. It comes in red, gold, or earthy colored shading with a width of 3-inch and has a short life expectancy. This flower is also an ideal choice for a summer garden as it will not ask you for much care. 


They are intended to add shading and scent to any garden. With hues extending from light yellow to brilliant earthy colored, it has discovered its utilization in strict and therapeutic properties. The concentrate from the bloom is additionally utilized as a food shading operator and furthermore helps in fending various skin irritations off. You will find this flower in almost every Indian garden, especially at the beginning of the summer season. Useful in so many different categories, the flower is mostly used in prayers as well. So, growing a marigold in your garden may serve you many purposes other than just attracting bees and butterflies. You will love this bright addition in your home garden. 


It is a decorative plant that can cover the whole fence, asphalt, and other close-by zones of your home garden. Bougainvillea is a local of Brazil and blossoms well in the summer atmosphere. It develops quickly, yet you should know about its sharp thistles that are formed in order to retain water in such hot weather. That should be maneuvered carefully. If you want to create a pretty hedge around your house or garden, plant a bougainvillea at one end, and it will keep climbing along till the next end. 


There are numerous varieties of dahlias that show up in different hues and sizes. The bloom comprises even brilliant shaded petals that develop with various sorts of wholesome necessities. The huge size of the flower can cover a lot of your garden space. Plant it somewhere you want to fill in the unnecessary odd empty space. Choose colors that best attract you as they are available in some really pretty combinations. 

These are some summer flowers to plant in your home garden. 


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