What Is An Air Die Grinder?

The air-die grinders, like rotary tools, are an instrument that can be used for varied activities such as polishing, cutting, grinding, sanding, or with a combination of different materials. Their various uses indeed make them quite versatile. They can be used at home as well for industrial purposes. It is a small tool with an axis that has a collect that holds the cutting bit. They can either run on air or electricity. They can be used for cutting metal as well as plastic and wood.

Types Of Air-Die Grinders

There are several types of air-die grinders. The straight die grinders and the right angle die grinders are the most common and useful ones.

  • Straight Die Grinders

These, as the name suggests, are straight in shape and are the regular ones. They look similar to screwdrivers.

  • Right Angle Die Grinders

These too, like the straight die grinders perform the same function. However, the only difference with straight die grinders is that here the bit on a right angle die grinder lies perpendicular to the body. The right angle die grinders can be used to work in any object’s hollow space or reach a circular space, something that the straight die grinder cannot.

What Are Air Die Grinders Used For?

Air-die grinders can be used for a variety of purposes. A few of them are given below.

  1. Grinding Dies– Air-die grinders are used for grinding dies used in tolling. These include grinding plastic molds, metal stamping dies, die-casting dies, forging dies, and others. Because of their small size and sharp edges, they can be used for cutting, smoothening, and polishing metal objects such as steel and iron. Their easy maneuvering makes them useful to reach out to inadequate places.
  1. Polishing Metal Surfaces– Air-die grinders can be used for polishing metal surfaces. Polishing renders the metal luster and shine. Polishing makes any surface, be it metal, plastic, or wooden, look shiny and beautiful. Air die grinders can be used for polishing vast as well as round or difficult to reach surfaces.
  1. Leveling Out Surfaces– Air-die grinders can also be used for smoothing or leveling out surfaces. Often after finishing cutting a metal or wood object, we have to smoothen the objects’ edges and surfaces. The final results can be achieved by moving the grinder gently over the surface until the required shine is achieved.
  1. Wood Carving– The versatility of the grinder can also be found in the area of carving wood. It is often used by professionals to carve out beautiful and intricate designs out of wood. This is applicable while designing furniture, sculptures, or wooden showpieces.
  1. Carving Out Paint- Air-die grinders can also be used to carve out paint from old metal surfaces and helps to apply fresh paint in its place. They can be used to remove paint from smaller and difficult areas. One such use can be found while working on vehicle collision repairs.
  1. Getting Rid of Rust- Rusting is an oxidation process. It occurs when metal surfaces are exposed to oxygen and water and decreases the longevity of substances. This is where an air-die grinder comes to rescue. It can be used on an array of metal substances to remove rust from them. 
  1. Sharpening Objects– Air-die grinders can be used to sharpen a wide range of objects such as knives, axes, blades, and hatches. When attached with blade sharpening attachments, these grinders can be very efficient and helpful for those who like to keep their objects sharp and pointed.

Air-die grinders can thus be used for a variety of uses. You can buy the one that fits as per your needs. But ensure that you understand how to use them and buy them from good brand only. 


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