Have you ever recorded a video and gotten annoyed with its low resolution or poor color vibrance? Maybe you’ve got an old video you want to upscale and make look better. If you want old videos to look better or simply want to be somewhat serious in content creation it’s invaluable to have good video editing/enhancing software.

The main issues are the massive quantity and price ranges of all the available options. How to choose one from the horde of many? We hope this guide will solve, or at the very least help with that issue. If you are interested to learn about any software, not on this list then reading reviews on an aggregator such as Truely can help you quickly gauge if it’s the program for you.

Adobe Premier Pro

The industry standard and most widely-adopted option. It has possibly the largest number of features and can be integrated with most other Adobe programs so if you use them that will lessen your workload somewhat. Despite it being a video editing software first and foremost the enhancement features are amazing too.

If feature lists were toolboxes then this one would be overflowing. Whatever you may need, whether it be something simple or professional movie-level you can most likely find it in this program and possibly improved upon compared to the other options.

While the positives are very good the price can be an issue for many. If you infrequently use video editing software then the relatively high monthly subscription cost can be a heavy hitter, but this also means that the more you use it the more worthwhile it becomes. Regardless it’s such a popular option that it had to make a spot on this list.


This one can be tricky to use if you don’t understand at least the basics of video editing so we recommend this to people with some upfront knowledge for the best experience.

If you have the necessary brains to use this program then the brawn it provides is hard to overstate. It also provides a very high customization level when it comes to the enhancement as you can change everything from the bitrate to the format which allows you to cut some corners in less important areas to save on the file size if need be.

Compared to the previous option this one is a lot better for those who use it less often as the cost is per video and it is dependent on a couple of factors such as file size. Since you only pay for it when you use it and depending on how much you use it we wholeheartedly recommend it if you need only the occasional video retouch.

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

This one is pretty simple. Quite easy to use even if you don’t know too much about video editing/enhancing. The quality difference is pretty noticeable regardless of which settings you use but of course, if you know what you’re doing you can get quite a bit of mileage from this program.

The different AI presets allow you to better enhance the video depending on the preset you use and as a cherry on top, you can use the program for free for 5 videos which is quite good for a free trial as the features aren’t restricted during those 5 videos.

There is one catch though, it’s only made for Windows which means Apple and Linux users don’t have access to it regrettably.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

AVCLabs is a program that values simplicity over more features. While you may not have as many options as with some of the other programs on this list, the features that it does have are well developed and the UI is simplified too. This allows not only a lower barrier of entry for people new to editing but also makes it easier to edit quickly when you’re experienced.

If the more advanced features are not important and you’re mostly looking for color correction and/or upscaling then this program may be the perfect choice for you. Decide which features you may need for your project and if all of them are on the feature list for this program it could be a good idea to use it as the lack of advanced options wouldn’t even matter.

A small bonus is a low price (relatively – compared to other options on this list)

Vegas Pro

Another popular option, especially among content creators on sites like Youtube. The base program has a very healthy list of features and can be easy to learn due to the massive number of guides online for it due to its popularity.

Another bonus that comes with popularity is the sheer number of add-ons/plug-ins which allow you to do even more with the program based on what you need for your project. 

If you are aiming for Youtube content creation or something similar then this is among the best options if you can afford it. Either way, make sure to use the 30-day free trial to make sure you are comfortable with using this program as your main video editor/enhancer.


To round off the list we have another simple but still quite powerful software. If your knowledge in the field is still meager but you wish to enhance videos or just want to create high-quality content then this is one of the best options,

The number of different filters, effects, and tools are quite large for software that still has good ease of use. This software shows that you don’t need to limit your users too much to appeal to those who are still learning as a simplified but tasteful UI goes a long way.

The price is also in line with the rest of the program as it is relatively low for what you get which is good for an entry-level type software such as this


Regardless of what option you choose you can get great results with it if you stick to it and learn all the ins and outs. We wish you the best of luck with enhancing your videos.


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