Wifi Marketing is a platform that allows users to interact with ads that appear on the device when accessing the wireless network Wifi advertising. Wifi Marketing has become familiar with marketers today. However, the correct understanding of the form of operation of Wifi Marketing is still vague with young marketers or new, small, and medium business owners. How to optimize Wifi Marketing activities, properly target customers, and media advertising campaigns? At the same time, should use Wifi Marketing where and what forms of advertising?

This article will give you the most comprehensive view of Wifi Marketing activities, and how to use this form effectively, optimizing the cost.


To better understand Wifi Marketing, let’s look at some typical cases of this activity. For example, when you go to the airport or a store that needs free Wifi access, a pop-up banner will appear on the screen and ask you to access the Internet to use Wifi.

Next, you need to follow the steps required by the organization (enter your name, phone number, email ..) or take a survey to complete the access. This is the form of collecting information and user data from organizations through the exchange of free Wifi access.

To better understand this activity, you can view a unique CJ media campaign about the Wifi Marketing platform. How does Wifi Marketing make people pay attention to street posters that seem to be about to be abandoned?


Up to the present time, Wifi Marketing is divided into two extremely distinct directions

Wifi marketing model for small shops – a model that provides independent wifi

Up to the present time, Wifi Marketing is divided into two extremely distinct directions

Wifi marketing model for small shops – a model that provides independent wifi

This model is the most popular and also easy to use. Any restaurant, restaurant, any business can deploy this form.

By placing a device in the middle of the available wifi modem-transmitter segment, you have a fully-featured wifi marketing system. With low-cost deployment and simple, one-time operation and forever use with administrative content that only needs to be stored on the device, administrators only need to log in and change the content. orientation and goals of its use.

Wifi marketing model for businesses, large-scale store chains – models of supply chain wifi

The promotion of a single brand is the concern of managing chain stores. At the same time, content management now requires convenience, just changing once will change all positions.

Applying a small shop model will be very difficult to manage in each restaurant to change the content. Therefore, the Wifi Marketing website will be uploaded to the normal server, then the Wifi devices will use this website as the login page.

Through this model, the marketing website can be designed in any interface and is not limited in storage space as the small model above.

Not only that, but this model also allows businesses to collect personal information of users, integrate with enterprise CRM systems. The operator will manage the entire system, not limited in size, and dependent on other suppliers.


Please log in to see banner ads

This is the most basic form, available in devices. The identification feature is only able to display simple images, login is also simple. However, cloud management of this form is quite complicated, not for people without an IT background.

Ask the login person to check-in Google or social media channels

wifi requested to send away

With cloud management, easy to use, this is considered a popular version on the market, especially Wifi Marketing services in Vietnam with a model of selling equipment to computer shop owners.

In addition, there are some other forms you can refer to:

▪️ Require users to visit Business Website

▪️ Require users to experience games, download applications

▪️ Ask users to watch the introductory video

▪️ Ask users to enter the name of the business to exploit such as age, phone number, gender, job

▪️ Ask the user to perform an action: scratching the screen, surfing the introductory slide


Thanks to the perfect combination of Wifi and Marketing, Wifi Marketing has brought great benefits to businesses:

Wifi Marketing helps increase brand awareness:

Thanks to the support feature like, share, check-in, information about brands, products and services will be transmitted not only to customers but also their friends and relatives through social networks, helping businesses. easily turn potential customers into real customers.

Wifi Marketing helps to market products and services at the right place, time and audience

When customers are interested in products and services at the point of sale, offering the right place to the right audience through eye-catching images, impressive content will help customers capture the most important information about businesses, products or services.

Wifi Marketing helps to deeply understand and retain customers

Through behavioral monitoring and customer surveys, business owners can track customers’ profiles and consumption habits, thereby having effective communication strategies and improving their products and services. karma.

At the same time, Wifi Marketing helps customers have new experiences when connecting to Wifi without logging in Password.

Wifi Marketing maintains a stable Wifi speed

Wifi Marketing allows to divide evenly and limit bandwidth of each user. So, when the usage period of the rule expires, users can fully interact with the ad and continue using Wifi, in accordance with their needs.

However, at present, using Wifi Marketing with checking-in Facebook, website or filling survey information is making customers feel uncomfortable and ignored. Therefore, the strategic application on digital platform is a big problem for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. Also you can refer to the best portable wifi for Travel


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