What’s The Easiest Way To Ship Your Car Across Country?

Moving is one of the most anxiety-inducing experiences individuals go through. Participants in one study ranked it as more stressful than divorce.

Of course, adding an international element to your next move can make it feel even more challenging. After all, you’ve still got to coordinate all of the same activities, like transporting a vehicle, with the added element of going overseas.

Concerns about how much it costs to ship your car across country and overseas may make you wonder about selling your vehicle and purchasing a new one abroad. In most cases, though, shipping your current ride is the more affordable option.

Keep reading to find out more about moving to another country and associated car transporters cost.

Ship Your Car Across Country and Overseas

Automobiles represent a significant, yet necessary, item to move. Particularly if you must ship your car across country and overseas.

Suppose you’ve decided to bring your car with you on an international move. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, this approach likely represents the most cost-effective option.

That said, you need to start planning for your international move sooner than later. After all, shipping a car internationally takes time and proper budgeting. While it’s more affordable than purchasing a new ride later, it still comes with expenses.

Where should you start when it comes to making car shipping arrangements? Let’s walk through everything you need to know about the process so that you can ensure it goes smoothly.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Many different companies offer car shipping overseas. That means plenty of choices AND the need to do some online research. Fortunately, we live in a time where we’ve never had more research resources at our fingertips.

Just hop on a search engine like Google and type a keyword phrase such as “international car shipping” or “transport a car overseas.” You’ll pull up an extensive list of companies that specialize in global car shipping.

Your Research Checklist

Once you’ve got this list, narrow it down by looking for brands that meet the following requirements:

Possession of the proper licenses, bonds, and insurance

Services offered from your current location to your intended destination

Specialization in working with third-party businesses (e.g., freight carriers) who are also properly insured, licensed, and bonded

If a company you’re considering doesn’t meet all three of these requirements? Then, keep looking. 

If you can’t find enough information about a company’s insurance and licensing, get on the phone and ask them. And don’t settle for a simple, “Yes.”

Ask for their licensing numbers so that you can verify the company for yourself.

Other Vital Considerations

Once you’ve further narrowed your list of options, make direct comparisons through deeper research.

Look at online reviews via Google and Yelp to see what consumers have to say about working with these companies. Visit the Better Business Bureau to learn more about the company’s history and record. 

Armed with the information from this research, you’ll be well-positioned to find the best, most reputable company to handle your car shipping needs.

Step 2: Prepare Your Paperwork

Moving to another nation involves a lot of paperwork. There’s no way around it. The same holds true when it comes to shipping a car.

When your vehicle gets dropped off at the US Port of Entry for transport, various export documents must accompany it. You should provide this paperwork a minimum of 72 hours before the date of your car’s shipment.

Export paperwork includes:

An original Certificate of Title for the car or a certified copy of the original along with two copies of either. A completed US Customs and Border Protection Vehicle Export Cover Sheet. Bear in mind that if there’s a lien on your car, you’ll need an official letter permitting you to take the vehicle to another country. This letter must also include the make and model of your vehicle along with the VIN.

We recommend contacting your Port of Entry directly to make sure you can furnish the documents they request. With big moves such as this, it’s always better to go in overprepared.

Step 3: Prepare Your Car for Travel

Which steps should you take to prepare your vehicle for overseas travel? First, clear your car of all personal items. Yes, it’s tempting to pack it with boxes and belongings.

But customs agents won’t permit this. They’ll check your automobile carefully, looking for everything from debris to pests that are illegal to bring into your destination nation. 

About the only item you can safely leave in your car? A pair of jumper cables. Also, remember to remove all critical documents, including your car insurance and registration. 

How Much Will You Pay to Ship Your Car Internationally?

Various factors come into play when it comes to car transporters cost. They include everything from the make and model of your vehicle to your final destination. That said, budget for between $1,000 and $2,000 to ship one car.

What if you’re shipping multiple cars across country? You may be able to negotiate a better rate with more vehicles. Inquire with transport companies to receive a quote.

Remember that there will be additional costs for shipping your vehicle overseas. These expenses may include:

Marine insurance

Destination charges

Additional fees and taxes

Customs duty

For these reasons, you’ll need to keep some wiggle room in your budget for costs down the line. 

Make Your Global Move Smooth

The tips above will help you find the right company to ship your car across country and internationally. They’ll also help you prepare the proper documents and get your car ready for shipping.

Interested in more life hacks to make an upcoming move go easier? Explore our blog for more handy information.   

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