Everything from dog treats to makeup kits can now be hand-picked and shipped directly to customers every month for a small fee. When it comes to subscription based services, wholesale mailer boxes with dividers are widely demanded. What about the cost? 

The cost primarily depends on the amount of customization, size of the box, number of containers, and the hues involved. While some packaging companies have a bulk ordering option, others specialize in delivering low minimums. In many instances, companies like the Legacy Printing don’t mind the size of your order as they have tiny minimums and no maximum. 

A lot of packaging firms even offer digital mockups, so you can have an idea of how your design, logo, and brand name will look in the real world. But why an online business should invest in custom mailer boxes?  

Protects Your Products during Transit

We all have heard those horror stories of poor packaging and shipping practices. The fact of the matter is, the responsibility falls on you, the seller, to keep the product safe from mishandling and other hazards. For instance, many online vendors ship their products in boxes with filler or shipping peanuts. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide the cushioning you need to keep the fragile items safe during transportation.   

You require boxes that can perfectly snug your product and don’t give it much room to move around during shipping and handling. However, if you are shipping glassware or another fragile product, make sure your bespoke wholesale mailer boxes have the inserts or additional layers of padding to ensure the safety of products. It’s the best possible way to deliver your products in optimal condition. 

The structural integrity is another important aspect that one needs to bear in mind. Remember, if the structure isn’t sturdy enough, your packaging won’t be able to withstand the external pressures. Picking the right size and paying close attention to the edges when folding will guarantee that each corner will provide support when the weight is dropped on top of them. 

Creates Viral Social Media Awareness 

A decade ago, no one had thought that something as simple as unpacking your order could turn into a social sharing experience. With quality wholesale mailer boxes, you can create viral social media awareness. That’s why more and more brands are investing in custom mailer boxes, so they could encourage their customers to share their unboxing experience with their social community. These brands use a thematic approach that appeals to their customers.   

Their mailer boxes encompass everything that a customer would understand and be attracted to—for example, QR code, perfect unboxing tips, and more. Together with hashtags, these points help you spread the word about your online business in a fun and engaging way.  

Ordinary Mailers Boxes Won’t Do the Job

Product manufacturers and vendors need to recognize that ordinary mailer boxes won’t do the trick for them, especially when your product has an unusual shape. Such products won’t fit in a traditional square or rectangular box. You need customized packaging for them.

More importantly, you want to ensure that the quality of the product can be sustained for a longer period, so customers can always get your product in prime condition without seeing any signs of tampering. To resolve this problem, you may want to engage a professional packaging company that has the experience and equipment to deliver the desired packaging solution.   

A professional company will do more than just suggesting you how to pack the items. They can also recommend the best packaging materials, recyclable options, tamper-evident barriers, etc. It pays great dividends to have a reliable packaging partner on your side because it reduces e-commerce return rates and maximizes product longevity. 


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