Breast Augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgical treatment that millions of women around the world opt for. With the help of this surgery, one can change the appearance or increase the size of their breasts giving an overall voluptuous look.

The surgical procedure of Augmentation mammaire Montreal is performed in several cosmetic clinics globally. But despite its popularity there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion revolving round this procedure.

Here we have narrowed down some straight up facts about Breast Augmentation procedure. Continue to read till the end to learn about this cosmetic procedure, the information that is true and will clear your confusion.

1.    The breast implants are needed to be removed or replaced

The implants are medically approved prosthesis that are surgically placed inside the breast for augmenting or reconstructing the physical form of them. However, it is to be noted that these implants are not a permanent thing.

This simply means that these implants have to be removed or replaced at some point of time. Over time the implants that are incised in the breasts lose its form or might get ruptured. You may not be happy with the way they look.

Also, it is believed that the silicone made breast implants may last for as long as 10 years. After that it needs to be swapped with a fresh implant. So, if you think that the breast implants are gonna last forever then you are certainly wrong.

2.   The size of the implants is not the only thing to be considered

If you think that size is the only thing that matters when it comes to breast implants then you are absolutely wrong. The end results of breast augmentation procedure are also greatly influenced by the material and shape of the implants used.

Another vital factor that impacts the outcome of the surgery is the place where implants are put. Whether they are incised underneath or on top of the muscle creates a great difference in the appearance.

This is why during the consultation the size of the implants aren’t the only thing you’ll be discussing. The doctor will review your options and based on which the size, material, etc would be suggested to you.

3.   The appearance of the breast won’t stop to change despite the surgery

Get one thing clear in your head, your breasts won’t be framed to look a specific way after getting a breast augmentation surgery. Just because you will have implants doesn’t mean the change of appearance in them will stop.

You will notice some changes in your breast appearance as you age even if you have breast implants inserted. These changes may happen gradually but nonetheless won’t stop just because of breast augmentation.


So, these are some hardcore facts about Augmentation mammaire Montreal that you may have not heard about before. For more detailed information book an appointment with an expert cosmetologist that specializes in breast augmentation surgery.


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