Erectile Dysfunction is the name of the ailment that is disturbing your mind a lot these days. Everywhere you listen to caution about the same. There are treatments of the same with the help of Fildena 100 mg Purple drugs, but still, the consequences of the ailments are sure to disturb you, when you have them. Hence, if you are not facing the ailment still now, it is time to know the possible causes of the ailment and restrain yourself from having them in your life and ponder your life in likewise manner. 

Keeping that in view, here we have the top five reasons why you develop ED in your life. However, before going to the causes, get to know what happens actually in the ED. An idea on that will help you understand why the five reasons that we are stating is going to affect you in the form of ED

The fundamentals of ED 

The erection of your penis is essentially the effect of blood accumulation at the duct of your penis. It is natural that where there is the word of blood accumulation, there have to be the functions of the heart and the veins that will carry the blood to the stream. Now, the heart is not going to pump that excess blood from its own, unnecessarily. There must have to be a command from the brain and the brain does so when it receives the message from your mind about the sensuality. 

Keeping this in your mind as the process that is related to your erection, you can easily identify that there must be an anomaly in some point of this mechanism, so as to give you ED as the ailment and forcing you to have the drugs like Fildena 100 mg Purple, Cenforce 100 MG for the treatment of the same. Now let us move to the reasons that are responsible for making such anomalies in your body. 

Reasons for your ED 

Your mental pressure 

Your brain remains bogged down at work or some tension when you are having mental pressure. Now, your brain can accommodate itself in one work at a time, in general, and hence when it remains extremely busy in some other works, the mind’s words related to your sensation will not get into it and it will not able to react on the same too. As a result, the entire process of erection will not even be initiated here and you will find erection issues. 

Your nervous and cardiac system anomaly 

The anomaly can be at your nerves too. If you are weak by your nerves, the message of the brain will not reach the heart for pumping more blood. If it reaches too, then the message will stop floating after one single reach and as a result of that, you will face your erection to be lost after a while. The same is the case with your heart to show anomaly. If your heart condition is not okay enough, then it will not be able to make the pumping to such level that is needed for your intercourse to reach the hymns, where you wish to put it up. 

Alcoholic or nicotine prone behavior

Might be for your work pressure, or for your mental pressure or even for a simple bad habit, you can be prone to alcohol or tobacco. In the case of alcohol, regular consumption of the same creates a layer of sulfate over the veins of yours, and in the case of tobacco, the same thing happens, where the sulfate is replaced by the nicotine layer. In both cases, the consequence is the same. Your veins become weaker to carry the blood that is pumped by your heart and as a result of that, your duct won’t receive the blood. The final attribute – you won’t get the erection and you will have to rely upon Vidalista 20Mg

Your food habit makes the thing worst 

Proneness to fatty foods or junk foods increases the cholesterol level of your blood high. The same can also increase the glucose level of your blood too. In both cases, the blood becomes so heavy that your veins cannot carry that blood with the same fluidity as earlier intimating the result – you have erection issues in you. Here again, you will have to rely upon Fildena 100 mg Purple, once again. 

Your pelvic pains 

Pelvic bones hold the duct of your penile and hence if they are damaged by any means, you will also face erection issues in you. Hence, if you have any sort of pain in your pelvic bones, whether that is for earlier injuries or for any other means, it is time to reach the doctor and cure the same at the earliest. 

Hence, if you are not a victim of ED, to date, you can very well restrain yourself to have the same and get exposed to Fildena 100 mg Purple. Just follow the words mentioned above and you will be very much successful to remain fit and fine. 


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