QuickBooks accounting software is designed and manufactured by Intuit professionals. The reason behind the development of software is to provide the ease in managing financial data,  accounting handling etc. QuickBooks comes under the popular accounting software of the USA. And the role played by Intuit professionals is separated from one another. QuickBooks offers a chance to both enterprises and freelancers who are ready to work alone. There are multiple accounting software available in the industry but we always analyze QB software always stays at the top of all accounting software

If you are a new user who recently started an enterprise and ready to adopt the accounting software for their business. Then we highly recommend to visit the Intuit official site at least once. By visiting the site you start gaining the right information about accounting software editions and versions. Another reason for suggesting QuickBooks software is to get the quality reflected services by Intuit. Every year QuickBooks introduces its new software and users have to pick the right software for the running of their business. 

Ow QuickBooks adopts the cloud facility so that the users can easily share the data any time and from any place without any delays. But they always require a stable internet connection so that they can easily do their work. Are you interested to know the QuickBooks trending versions introduced by Intuit then read the article till the end.

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Two trending QuickBooks software for the small scale Enterprises

  • QuickBooks Payroll software
  • QuickBooks Online Software 

Software 1: QuickBooks Online Software

Online Software of QuickBooks comes with a 30 days free trialing period. In this time period users become familiar with their work style, responding time and many other features. If you are one of them who recently adopted the QuickBooks Online software for their business then I have good news for you. Those users don’t need to pay for the first 30 days. They get a basic plan of QuickBooks Online. If the user wants to change the basic plan to the premium plan. Then the time duration of free trial goes affected. It changes into 15 days. After completion of these days or trialing period users can pick any of the premium plans as according to the need of their business. Intuit don’t force anybody for their higher cost plans everything is dependent on the user.

Software 2: QuickBooks Payroll Software

Payroll Software of QuickBooks comes with complete details of employees. In other words, a complete record related to salaries, wages, incentives, taxes, leaves, remuneration, paid activities, money is generated through the software. It provides the assurity that the details are correct. By adopting the payroll software, the chances of getting the wrong results and calculations related to employee payroll is very low. So Intuit suggests to proceed your calculations by adopting the payroll software.

QuickBooks software for Large Scale Enterprises

When any user is talking about Large scale enterprises the first software that comes to mind is QuickBooks Enterprise software. It is a software mainly designed to fulfill the requirements of large scale enterprises. It is capable of performing all the activities performed by other accounting software as well as it contains some extra features. The cost of adopting the QuickBooks enterprise software is very high as compared to QuickBooks Payroll and Online software. So it is a little bit expensive for MNCs. Big enterprises are capable of adopting the software because of their high turnover of Business.

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If the basic details are not suitable and helpful for you then contact the Intuit professionals by visiting their site. And ask your queries by adopting some services via email, live chat support and calling facility.


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