The 21st century has seen many changes from political to socio-economic. Most of these changes were
relatively easy to adapt. One of the most significant changes today is the change in fashion and how to
dress appropriately. It would be a gendered statement to say, but women indeed adapted this change
quickly and efficiently than men. Gentlemen, it’s okay to learn things slowly, but it doesn’t mean that
every time you go on a date with your girl, she has to think about your looks first. Here we are
mentioning the most significant styling mistakes that men should avoid. Take a look

Not dressing according to the occasion

Perhaps the biggest mistake that men do is that they don’t dress according to the occasion. Wearing
expensive branded shirts and sporting some of the most costly shoes won’t make you look good unless
you are not dressed according to the event. For instance, if you wear a crew neck t-shirt to your office
with a pair of trousers or a bright shiny solid shirt in a casual day outing, then you can be the center of
attraction but a laughing stock as well. So, it is essential to focus on the occasion first.

Not wearing according to age.

Gentlemen, there are so many things that differentiate men from boys; clothing is one of them.
Everyone should have the liberty to wear whatever they want, but there are certain things that only
men can wear. There are some stores and brands that specifically focus on younger customers. After
you are 25 0r 30, you have to have a dress like a mature person. Stores like GAP are a perfect platform
that provides sober and gentle clothes. You must check the GAP Black Friday 2020 Sale to grab some
great stuff.

Facial Tattoo

The biggest turn-off for a gentle person is a facial tattoo. There is a whole set of people that love inking
their skin with some fantastic art. They ink their arms, back, legs, and what else. But some people get
tattoos on their faces. Gentleman, tattoos on the front is a big no. You may find it cool to get for face
inked with some funny or cool tattoo, but think for a longer run, you may have to face difficulties in job
interviews, reaching numbers of girls unless you are Post Malone of Mike Tyson.

Facial Piercing

Just like the facial tattoo thing, guys with face piercing are a big turn-off as well. Again, you may think
that you look very cool, but you look like a Deutsche in reality. But if you want to pierce your skin, then
don’t your ears, or at someplace where only your girlfriend has access to. Also, this is not cool if you are
thinking of joining services or any other white-collar job.

Growing Beard Wrongly

Last but not least is the beard. For a few years, there has been a trend of growing beards. But here is the
thing, not every man is appropriately growing a beard. Most of the men are just growing their beards
without taking care of it. If you want to grow your beard, you have to trim it regularly; yes, you heard it
right. It will remove all the messy curls that your beard develops and makes it look more fresh and
sharp. Also, you have to shampoo your beard regularly to make it soft; so that the next time you kiss
your woman, she will fall in love with your beard.


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