It is time to face the truth and declare that removing body hair is exhausting. Whether it is threading, hot waxing, or cold waxing, the pain and the waste of time is a big turn off. Not to mention the expense that we have to bear when the body hair grows back every two weeks. No woman wants to wear dresses and shorts with tons of hair on the legs- unless they are confident about their fuzz. While body hair is nothing to be ashamed of, clean and hair-free can be a confident booster. 

However, technology and modern research have now made it possible to live hair-free permanently. Laser hair removal service is the ultimate solution to all the body hair problems. With this procedure, you can enjoy smooth and hairless legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area. You can kiss goodbye to all the razors and hot waxing machines (not literally!)  that only remind you of pain and discomfort forever. Below is a complete guide that will enlighten you more about this exceptional gift of technology. 

What is Laser Hair Removal? 

Laser hair removal is a technique that helps you get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Unlike other hair removing methods like threading, tweezing, and waxing, it is a painless method. If you choose the right aesthetician, technique, and take the correct precautions, you will live a life free of worrying about when and how to eliminate your body hair. Laser hair removal also ensures minimum skin injury, which is something that no other hair removal procedure can guarantee. 

How does Laser Hair Removal work? 

Laser hair removal works by targeting laser on pigmented and hairy areas on your body. This laser effectively destroys the hair follicles forever. The main object of the laser is to direct light energy to the pigmented space. The light energy then converts to heat. The production of heat damages the hair follicles and makes sure that no hair grows back in that specific area. 

Who are the best candidates for Laser Hair Removal? 

As you read earlier, the laser used in this procedure targets pigment. An ideal candidate for laser hair removal would be those with darker-coloured body hair and a lighter skin tone. People with dark skin may get burnt as the laser might target the skin tissue, instead of the hair follicles. Taking this into consideration, you can schedule a consultation session with a skin clinic to make sure if your skin-type qualifies for the procedure. 

What are the side effects of Laser Hair Removal? 

Surprisingly, the side effects of laser hair removal are pretty rare. Other than the slight discomfort during the procedure and possible superficial burns on the skin, which get better in a few days, there are no other severe risks. However, aestheticians that lack the required experience and skill can put you at a massive risk. To mitigate any risk factors, you must see a professional and expert dermatologist, after thorough research about various laser hair clinics near you. 

How to prepare yourself before you go for a Laser Hair Removal treatment?

A professional dermatologist suggests that you shave your target area 24 hours before you go for the laser hair removal appointment, as shaving helps in reducing the bulk surface area of the hair. It also helps in avoiding any burns on your skin. A shaved area fosters a smooth process, as the technician is able to see the hair follicles. The results are also more accurate if you go to your laser hair removal appointment shaved. 

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