People of any age can suffer from thin Hair and Baldness. It can be due to age or hormones. However, with advancements in technology, baldness can be overcome using the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures. Tampa Hair Clinic is one of the reliable Hair Restoration Centres in Florida, where you can get guidance from our expert doctor and specialist to receive the safest Hair Transplant and Non-surgical Hair Restoration Treatment. Hair Transplant is among the common solution for baldness. However, it requires the necessary post-operative care. Check five easy ways to get the long term results. 

1. Hair Wash:

It is one of the essential routine-care for your hair. Our doctor and expert, at Tampa Hair Clinic, guide our clients on how to take Hair Wash properly after Hair Transplant procedure or any other Non-surgical Hair Restoration Treatment. The client is required to follow certain essential steps for washing transplanted hair. 

2. Correct Sleeping Position

The recipient of the Hair Transplant must not touch the transplanted scalp for at least a week after the procedure. We advice our Hair Transplant Clients, to sleep on their backs with an elevated head in the initial days of the treatment. It reduces the swelling. Also, you can get special pillows from our expert and specialist at Tampa Hair Clinic to use after Hair Transplant for at least 7-10 days. 

3. Less Rigorous Exercise 

The good thing about Hair Transplant is that you are free to start any physical activity right after the procedure. However, make sure not to overdo the exercises that cause excessive sweating. You can go for active exercises ten days post-op. Moreover, you can minimize the risk of infection by taking showers immediately after workouts.  

4. Sun Exposure

Our doctor and specialist counsel our clients to stay away from direct sunlight after Hair Transplant. Sun Exposure can have adverse effects on the procedure. Therefore, you must avoid going out in sunlight for at least two weeks post-op. 

5. Wear Special Hat after Transplant, available at Tampa Hair Clinic 

You can get a Panama type hat at Tampa Hair Clinic to wear after Hair Transplant when going out in sunlight. It will protect the scalp from dust, sun, etc. Because it is designed in a way that it is not too tight, so it does not cause sweating on the scalp. You need to wear it for a week post-op. After that, you can wear any hat of your choice but make sure to keep your head covered out in sunlight for up to 6 months. 

These are some of the ways recommended by our expert doctor and specialist at Tampa Hair Clinic to help you heal faster and have long term results for Hair Transplant as well as Non-surgical Restoration Treatment.


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