Post-operative care is an essential phenomenon after hair transplant surgery. The recipient must take great care of scalp that primarily includes the proper method of hair wash. The first few days are important as the implanted follicles need time to graft into the scalp skin fully. Therefore, our expert doctor and specialist at Jacksonville Hair Clinic guide their client proper hair wash method for Hair Transplant as well as Non-surgical Hair Restoration Treatment.

Before the first Hair after Transplant, at Jacksonville Hair Clinic

You must wait for 48 hours before taking your first shower. On Day 3 of Hair Transplant, you can begin washing your Hair with the procedure recommended by Jacksonville Hair Clinic. Be very gentle in washing your Hair for the first 5-7 days. Make sure to use not too hot or pressurized water on the scalp. You can also take help from a family member for the first wash. 

How to wash Hair after Hair Transplant?

Follow the quick guide below made by our Expert Doctor & Specialist, at Jacksonville Hair Clinic

1. First, spray Panthenol on your newly transplanted Hair. Wait for 30 to 40 minutes and let the thin layer of spray sit in. You need to use it for 15 days. However, if Panthenol is not available, you can use Bepanthol body lotion. 

2. Prepare water for your bath. Make sure the temperature of the water is warm with low pressure. Do not expose your grafts to high-pressure water to minimize the risk of damage. 

3. Pour some shampoo on your hand and rub it to make the foam. Use tips of your middle finger and ring finger to gently rub on the grafts in the vertical axis for a few minutes. Do not exhibit circular motion of fingers on your graft. Repeat the procedure if needed and then rinse the hair with water.  

4. Wash the donor area carefully to get rid of any tissue remnants or blood to prevent infection. You can also pour water in a cup and then add a little shampoo to make it dilated. 

5. Do not dry your hair with the towel as it may pull out your grafts. On the contrary, you can use a paper towel or kitchen towel, if needed. 

6. Apply Fucicort cream or cream recommended by the expert doctor of Jacksonville Hair Clinic on the donor transplant area. Do not use anything on the recipient area without doctor’s approval. 

Be very gentle and follow the steps by Expert doctor & specialist of Jacksonville Hair Clinic to get the long term results of your Hair Transplant or Non-surgical Hair Restoration Treatment. 


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