Ever since the world went into a complete lockdown due to a very deadly virus the travel industry has suffered. I have had my part in owning a travel agency and suffering huge losses among these few months. But the pandemic had only stopped people from moving out right now. They were never told to stop planning for later and therefore people hadn’t stopped booking trips online. I did have a website a was working well with my clients online. The problem is that working from home had put me back in my comfort zone and I could just be anywhere I wanted while I worked. The network strength from the wireless router at my house did not allow this to happen though. The connection would become weak and get me disconnected from being online and in touch with my clients. This cost me a few clients too as they got annoyed and left. I wanted to get rid of this problem so I brought in an extender. I bought the amped tapex 2 extender.

Amped tapex 2 extender setup

The amped tapex 2 extender setup was very simple and I was able to complete it in a couple of minutes. I brought out the extender and connected it to my PC with an Ethernet cable. I made sure that the connection was strong enough so that it did not cause any trouble during the setup. After that, I opened my internet browser on my PC. Then I visited the setup link that was accessed by entering the IP of the extender. The IP of the extender was found to be mentioned underneath the device and it was quite easy to figure that out. I reached to setup link and simply followed the instruction to connect it to my existing router. After the setup was completed I was able to place it in the dead spots and weak networks area and it was able to solve my problem instantly.

An insight with a review

The issues on amped tapex 2 repeater are not very big and can be dealt with quite easily if they ever come to occur. The extender has quite a good guarantee and can be relied upon. The design of the device is condescending as well. The build is sturdy and can be placed at high elevations without fear of getting damaged from falls. The extender has a good range and also provides high and tested speeds that will never fail you while you browse your internet in peace.

In a small but convincing amped touch screen tap-ex 2 review I would say that the functionality of the device is quite amazing. The price range is also affordable. The very looks of the device make it blend easily into any kind of surroundings. This along with its remarkable features makes it an excellent buy when it comes to comparison. This device can be recommended for homes and small industrial scale uses alike. Quite useful and reliable. I would personally rate it a solid 8 out of 10.


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