Now you need to scan your hard drive for errors. You do this again by entering the start menu and selecting this computer or computer, and then finding the c drive, right-clicking on it and selecting properties. Now press the functions tab. The top point is called troubleshooting status, and here you click the investigate now button. On the next page, choose whether you want to fix errors in the file system automatically and whether you want to scan for and recover bad sectors. Tick both parts and click start.

You must now schedule the start for the next time you start the PC. Then it will run a scan before starting windows. Be aware that it may take a long time to run such a scan (1-3 hours), so do it at a time when you will not be using the computer. After you have scheduled scanning at the next startup, restart your PC and let it scan until it is finished. You cannot interrupt midway by turning off the computer. It will then scan again when you start up next time. Then let it run all the way to the end.


We will now defragment your hard drive. As you use the hard drive, files are deleted, moved and new ones added. It is not always that the computer can physically find a common place for the individual files. Therefore, it often splits the files into fragments which are then located at best payout casino online and files on your hard drive. When you then need to download or read this file, the hard drive has to go around different places and put the fragments together into a single file. This takes time (split seconds, but it becomes a long time when we are sitting with the machine).

By using windows’ own defragmentation tool, we can move all the fragments around and get it all together into whole files, which are then much faster to read.

You have to enter the start menu and select this computer or computer, then find the c drive, right-click on it and select properties. Now press the functions tab. Point number 2 is called status for defragmentation and is what we need. Click defragment now. Now the computer analyzes your hard drive (or your hard drives if you have several). When it comes up with a result, you can click defragment now if it recommends it. It may also say it is not necessary, but if you haven’t done it before, then it is guaranteed to be necessary. It may take some time to defragment, but you can actually do other things on the PC in the meantime, although i recommend leaving it untouched while it defragments.

Scan for viruses

Now your virus program is not by default with windows. Therefore, i will easily skip over this point, but say that it is very important that you regularly do a thorough and complete scan of your PC. Although the antivirus program runs in the background all the time, it catches far from everything. But it should do that when you run a full scan. Remember to visit click here website to update its virus information before doing the full scan.

Other things you can do

You can do many more things than these. But if you do the above once a month, you are well on your way.

If you want to go a step further and improve your computer’s performance even more, we need to get hold of one or more external programs. There are a lot of programs here that in one way or another step in and help you with one or more problems. It is a jungle to find your way around all the small programs.


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